Obama Conspiracy Theories: The lost episodes

This is article number 803 published on this web site, but there are a number of other articles you have not seen.

“The gospel according to Tim”

I was thinking about an article titled: “The gospel according to Tim.” It was going to be a 4-column chart listing side by side what Hawaii elections temp Tim Adams said in various interviews — compare and contrast. When I thought about it, there wasn’t much really there. Adams was so vague as to his sources of information and his actual claims, the article would be pretty thin. It looks as if his place of employment had nothing to do with his opinions that sound like careless reading of birther web sites.

“Multiplication by zero”

This one may yet see the light of day. I was inspired by the posting of Mario Apuzzo’s 35th entry in his catalog of Obama smears. While I’m not a real doctor, I do have in Masters Degree in mathematics and one of the things you learn pretty early on is that any number multiplied by zero is still zero. The point of the article is that Mario may have 35 things in his catalog, but if they are all worthless, then the value of them all is 35 times 0.

“Who is Kweli Shuhubia?”

Perhaps this was never published because I couldn’t figure out who Kweli Shuhubia is. The false-named character in Phil Berg’s lawsuit against Barack Obama certainly plays a big part in the birther world view. The article is written, but remains in draft status. With renewed attention to this character in comments recently, perhaps I should get this published.

“A view from 30,000 feet”

Clearly obsolete, this article celebrated the 30,000th comment on this blog in February 2010. Now we’re roaring on towards 47,000.

“Daily KOS poll confirms Republican birther leaning”

Again from last February, this article discusses a Research 2000 poll of Republicans showing that 36% of them believe Obama was not born in the United States. It looks like the poll was designed to highlight the quirky beliefs of our rightist party. Follow the link. There’s no need for an article to make it any stranger than it already is.

“A question for Phil Berg”

I continue to be curious about the history between attorney Philip J. Berg, Bishop Ron McRae and the elusive Kweli Shuhubia. How did these folks hook up? Who approached whom? Does Berg know the real identity of Shuhubia? I looks like Berg prepared the “affidavit” but the signature is obviously pasted in and not original. What’s with that? I left some questions over at Phil’s web site but perhaps never saw the answer. I have answers now, so I have now published the article originally from November 2009.

“Apuzzo Answered (Parts 1-5)”

This was to be a 5-part series (because it was so darned long), going point by point through some long thing Mario Apuzzo had published last September or thereabouts. The problem was that Apuzzo is so long-winded and painfully twisting to read, that I lacked the fortitude to get beyond Part 1 (never published).

“Johnny Appleseed Birther”

This article is about bits of false evidence planted on the Internet. One example was the fake profile for Soetoro Moestabjab on Classmates.com in an attempt to make this person a contemporary of Barack Obama (maybe the same person) instead of someone much older. It was also going to cover bits of vandalism on the Wikipedia, something written about in other articles here. There is a study of vandalism regarding Barack Obama in the Wikipedia that might interest you. It also mentioned the fake passport information web site.

‘Taking the other side”

This was to be an exercise in trying to argue the birther’s side, only to do it with the best evidence (such as it is) and without resorting to misrepresentation and misdirection. 😉 The article was too short to be of interest.  Actually that’s not true. It was long enough, although unfinished. The real reason I didn’t publish it is that I can’t bring myself to argue things I don’t believe are true.

James v Obama”

This is a lawsuit Orly Taitz said was filed or about to be filed. It was to be a quo warranto lawsuit in DC on behalf of a number of military defendants, including Allen C. James, an active-duty soldier in Iraq. As far as I can tell, it was never filed. Perhaps it was superseded by Taitz’s own personal quo warranto suit, Taitz v. Obama. I wrote:

The suit is yet another useless quo warranto complaint (useless because private citizens may not bring quo warranto suits in federal court). The remarkable thing about the suit is that it makes 399 allegations. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Now I know the meaning of the term “burden of proof”.

“The Freedom Fighter’s Journal”

A hat tip to an over the top anti-Obama web site. It points to an article from October of 2008. I think the bumper sticker is cute: “I was anti-Obama before it was cool.”

The final item actually sits in the Deleted folder. It will never be published, and I will only give the vaguest hint about the reason. It appears that there is a URL that can be entered (at least there used to be), a URL that I would not suggest anyone enter, especially if someone can track you down. Anyway that URL ended up taking you to the official Barack Obama campaign web site. I don’t know if this was a trap or a sick joke. And that’s all I am going to say about that.

All is not gold that glitters.
All is not trash that’s tossed.
Some of my thoughts are fence sitters,
And others are better off lost.

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I'm not a real doctor, but I have a master's degree.
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12 Responses to Obama Conspiracy Theories: The lost episodes

  1. bob says:

    Apuzzo, coward that he ever is, responds on his own blog.

  2. Black Lion says:

    Mario doesn’t have the guts to debate anyone over here anymore. One of Mario’s flying monkey’s, or Mario himself, who we know can’t help himself and reads Doc’s blog everyday, had to challenge the Doc. I guess we know why all of a sudden we saw so many of the hardcore birthers coming over here. I guess Mario became afraid and decided to post so that his 5 actual fans would not be disappointed.

    Especially Robert…

    Robert said…
    The rewards I’ve read about now total $120,000. However, there is a mathematical probability that Dr. Conspiracy is making far more than this working as a shill for Obama.

    And even if that is not the case, the truth is always going to be much stronger than any of the fiction that DC produces. Yes, he is a very skillful and clever writer. But his constant twisting of the facts is very apparent to all but the most mind-numbed Obots. Dr. Conspiracy knows that he has been fully discredited in the intelligent and fair-minded crowds. In fact, anyone with at least an 8th grade understanding of the principles of research can see through his material at first glance. His only remaining purpose, mathematically speaking, is to keep the Obots in tow as long as he can.

    Unfortunately for him, his more recent writings are beginning to betray that he doesn’t actually believe much of what he writes either. his tone is beginning to sour and his tempos are dragging. His rope is clearly unraveling. Like I said, he’s not an idiot. But he does have a job to do. So, give him a few props for staying the course as his ship is sinking.

    It will be too bad for Obama when guys like Dr. Conspiracy have had more than they can stomach. DC probably bought in to the whole “Hope and Change” bit. Or, maybe he’s a Marxist, Socialist who really hates America like Obama. In any case, it will be interesting to see just how much manure he is willing to shovel before any remaining thirst for the truth and real “Hope and Change” that he might have overwhelms his debunked philosophies and misplaced loyalties and demands reconciliation.

    June 25, 2010 12:43 PM

  3. Black Lion: The rewards I’ve read about now total $120,000. However, there is a mathematical probability that Dr. Conspiracy is making far more than this working as a shill for Obama.

    And it is a little-known provision in the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that I get free health care for life. You don’t think so? Have you read it?

  4. Black Lion says:

    Dr. Conspiracy: And it is a little-known provision in the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that I get free health care for life. You don’t think so? Have you read it?

    Doc, of course. We are all working for Obama. I mean no one could actually be a supporter of the “commie muslim usurper”…right? Doc, you make the birthers afraid every day. That is why they continue to come over here and try and disrupt things…It is why Mario no longer has the guts to come over here and debate his untenable positions…They hate because they are afraid….

  5. G says:

    bob: Apuzzo, coward that he ever is, responds on his own blog.

    Thanks for the link Bob. I just read it and the comments.

    So, Mario’s sole point here is thus:

    What I need to know from Dr. Conspiracy is not anything about who Keller is, who his great-grandfather was, whether he goes to church on Sundays, whether he practices a true religion, what version of the Bible he reads, how many dogs he has, and whether they are full bred. And I surely am not interested in hearing from Dr. Conspiracy how Keller can himself obtain the birth certificate or some other variant such as a Certification of Live Birth (COLB). Keller would not be making this offer if he could have done any of that himself. Rather, what I need to know from Dr. Conspiracy is how do we calculate the true value of $10,000.00? Does the number have a true value or is it just illusionary? I need to know this information so that I can determine whether Maddow will accept this $10,000.00 challenge. If Dr. Conspiracy determines, after applying his mathematical skills to solve this complex math problem that the $10,000.00 number does really offer true value, may I suggest to him that he investigate whether Maddow will be accepting this challenge. If she is not, may I then recommend to Dr. Conspiracy that he himself accept the challenge. I am sure that it will be an easy challenge for him to overcome since he has been for almost 2 years vociferously and zealously defending at his conspiracy blog Obama’s claim that he was born in Hawaii and ridiculing the efforts of anyone investigating Obama’s claim. He should therefore have the necessary long-form birth certificate and additional paperwork to easily overcome this challenge and collect the cash.

    May we all wish Dr. Conspiracy great success on making this fast $10,000.00.

    It just shows the true nature and fallacy of Mario and his birther ilk. If anything, there little goad only betrays the following:

    A. Birthers are the only ones who actually care about this issue or are clamoring for a “long form” which the rest of us and the entire sane world consider a non-issue and completely both irrelevant and wholly redundant, as the official form used & released by HI is the COLB, which clearly states born in Honolulu, HI. As by definition of what these forms are, this information would be absolutely the same on any archived “long form” from which the COLB is derived. Thus the whole “long form” cr*apola has always been nothing but a mere red-herring argument.

    B. The very idea that birthers are now desperately trying to offer this reward money to those that ridicule the birthers in and of itself is telling and shows that they have nothing themselves and can only try to score points by distracting their gullible followers with meaningless displays of false bravado. It is no different than men with a deep sense of inadequacy due to having a small p*nis thinking that if only they show up in a hot sport car, then they can get some girl to go to bed with them. Sadly, this false-bravado behavior appears to be rather typical for Mario, so one can only wonder what deep insecurities & inadequacies he’s always struggling to cover up.

    C. Take lesson one from this offer of such rewards – why has no “birther” who actually cares or believes this stuff taken them up on their offer, or any of the other “reward” offers that have been floated out there over the past two years. I mean, these are the people who actually care about and believe that they somehow need this “long form” or that there is a “Kenyan BC” or “adoption records”, etc. Yet here we are…2 years into the birther myths and nothing has materialized, despite such offers out there. What does that tell you. At best, it shows that they are all talk and no action. Even more, it reveals that their claims are nothing but wild goose chases.

    D. So, they have to resort to trying to offer rewards to “non-birthers” for the “long form”. So, what does that tell you. At best, it reveals that they are completely lazy, inept or too incompetent to get at such information themselves. Which in many cases is true. But what is more revealing is this shows that many of these hacks, such as Mario are mere carnival barkers trying to think they are clever and can con others, for it is a clear admission that they know darn well that privacy laws would preclude anyone from accessing or obtaining Obama’s “long-form” birth certificate and thus all such attempts would be futile. As such, they know they would never have to pay out any such “reward money”.

    So, what we have here is a mere sideshow distraction from a bunch of total losers who wish to appear like they can win an argument or get others to do their dirty work for them, because in both cases, they can’t.

    They might as well put up a million dollars asking for people to produce a real, live rainbow farting unicorn. Heck make it a billion or a trillion! As they entire adventure is based on fictitious premises, there is never any risk of payout and the whole thing is just a pathetic attempt for attention.

    A clue to you lazy birthers out there – if you really believe in your little rainbow farting unicorn fantasies, then go chase your reward money yourselves. Back in reality, we’re not going to waste our time chasing down your silly nonsense for you.

  6. G says:

    Black Lion: Especially Robert…

    Robert said…
    The rewards I’ve read about now total $120,000. However, there is a mathematical probability that Dr. Conspiracy is making far more than this working as a shill for Obama.

    And even if that is not the case,

    …blah, blah, blah…nothing but mere projection, false bravado & utter silliness follows…

    LMAO! Again with the whole lame “paid Obot” theme. How predictable and pathetic these birthers are. And they wonder why they are not taken seriously.

    Although the whole notion of payment does make me think of one other good point about their little pony show of offering Rachel Maddow a whole…$10 K…

    Um, I’m sure with her show, she’s clearing quite a pretty penny these days. $10 K is not much incentive to someone at her income level at all.

    Silly birthers, always the butt of their own jokes.

  7. Majority Will says:

    “Heck make it a billion or a trillion!”

    Isn’t Obama’s legal bill that high?

    (I have found it amazing that on some threads on the ‘net more than one birther will spew different arbitrary figures for non-existent legal bills. They should form an ad hoc committee and decide on a number.)

    “little rainbow farting unicorn fantasies”

    Doesn’t Disney own the rights to that or is it Glenn Beck?

  8. Black Lion: One of Mario’s flying monkey’s, or Mario himself, who we know can’t help himself and reads Doc’s blog everyday, had to challenge the Doc.

    And why wouldn’t Mario Apuzzo visit here? The articles are readable; the blog is easy on the eyes. The topics, if not the editorial stance, are right up his alley. If I’m the “Chief Obot”, what better way to keep up with what the Obots are doing?

    My possible article on Birther math rightly got picked on by Mr. Apuzzo. It’s one thing to say, lightheartedly, that all his stuff is zero, but to actually read it (and I DO NOT read Apuzzo’s blog) and demonstrate its nullitude is a whole other animal. I will remind readers that I hacked apart the second amended complaint in Kerchner v Obama last year in:


    It was a royal plain and I still feel the aversion from that effort. He had over 300 complaints and I got less than a third of the way through.

    Mario, however, hasn’t learned the value of letting sleeping dogs lie. He challenged me, not the part about the $10,000 which was just silly, but about the “birther math” article.

  9. G says:

    Majority Will: “little rainbow farting unicorn fantasies”

    Doesn’t Disney own the rights to that or is it Glenn Beck?

    LOL! Yeah, must be one of them…maybe they want to come out with a “My Little Hate Pony” line of toys. 😉

  10. Majority Will says:

    LOL!Yeah, must be one of them…maybe they want to come out with a “My Little Hate Pony” line of toys.

    Movie pitch: ““My Little Hate Ponies” vs. “The Don’t Care Bears” in a UFC Cage Match.

    Promotion captions: “Let the Fur Fly” and “Come Witness the Demons of Angry Pink and Blue”

  11. Black Lion: Doc, you make the birthers afraid every day.

    I do not personally think that the birthers are afraid of me. This is just a blog with maybe 20,000 visitors in a month. That’s a drop in the bucket compared to web sites like WorldNetDaily. Even the Post & Email gets a way more traffic than I do (a commentary on the sorry state of public education in America).

    I don’t doubt that a lot of the birthers are afraid. They are afraid for for their economic security and their children’s future. They are afraid that someone is going to come along and take away what little they have. All that anxiety fuels hate and that hate has been given a face, and it is Barack Obama. That anxiety is what’s prolonging the recession.

  12. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater (Bob Ross) says:

    Apuzzo got scared off the last time he posted here. Everyone tore apart his failed legal analysis and he’s too afraid to show his ass here again.

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