New video in which Obama admits to Kenyan birth

Yes, yet another YouTube video with edited audio. The grandmother tape ain’t nothing compared to this one. However, this is an edited version of an edited version. Link to the original edited version at the bottom of the article.

Update 2:

The video above was made by taking a humorous spoof made by, and removing the context which clearly identifies it as a joke. The resulting faked and stolen video (above) is then presented as the truth and thereby turns a spoof into a fraud.

Unfortunately it’s all to easy to make a fake video nowadays.

Update 3:

Here is the original White House video, unedited.


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15 Responses to New video in which Obama admits to Kenyan birth

  1. Saint James says:

    LOL! the owner of the youtube channel is megadarwin135. He has 5 videos posted that are edited to make it appear that Obama admitted to being born in Kenya.

  2. misha says:

    Go to this video, and see my comment, which cannot be printed here.

  3. AnotherBird says:

    misha: Go to this video, and see my comment, which cannot be printed here.

    What? That birthers desperately need to find a new hobby.

  4. HORUS says:

    This recording is so easily debunked with the original recording of that event!

  5. osdc says:

    HERE is the “original” video from ObamaSnippetsDotCom in its entirety, where Obama “admits” he’s from Kenya.


    The other videos on this channel will help provide the context in which the “original” video was created.

  6. osdc says:

    Sorry. Did not realize the text in between the <> would not show. I wrote:

    “Please note the introduction. It speaks for itself.”

  7. Saint James says:

    I thought I want to share this with everyone…

    ObamaSnippetsDotCom has sent you a message:

    Re: megadarwin135’s deception

    Hey there!

    I see you are pretty active on that megadarwin135 site, with that whole Obama/Kenya vid. I congratulate you on finding the original video from Istanbul!!!

    I am ObamaSnippetsDotCom. It is an Obama HUMOR channel. I am the creator of the ORIGINAL EDITED video entitled, “Birthers’ Delight.” IT’S A SPOOF! A JOKE! My ORIGINAL video even starts with the definition of the word, “SPOOF.” That one was my very first attempt at snippeting, so I wanted to be VERY CLEAR that I was just KIDDING!

    This megadouchebag has STOLEN MY ORIGINAL CREATION, which he KNOWS IS A SPOOF, and is purposely trying to deceive people! (AND he’s getting more views than MINE, which REALLY pisses me off!!!)

    He has BLOCKED me from commenting. PLEASE post where the ORIGINAL SPOOF can be seen IN ITS ENTIRETY, and expose megadarwin as a lying, manipulative little puke.

    And please watch my other SPOOFS. They are ALL clearly intended to be humorous.

    Thanks, if you choose to be “my voice.”


    It’s a spoof, but some were passing it around and claiming it’s a true representation of what he said. I had to post the White House video along with a transcript on a FAUX forum to expose the propaganda they were passing around a week or so ago.

  9. Lupin says:

    Andy Kaufman Lives!

  10. Keith says:

    “Loose Change” started out as a spoof by some film class students.

    Spoof’s can get totally out of control these days what with the interwebs and all.

  11. skitt says:

    This actually looked believeable…the editor even got his lips to look like he was saying the words. Just goes to show that video docturing is so good now that you can’t always believe what you watch online.

  12. Dear Doctor;

    You said:
    Apparently the preceding video is a spoof rather than a hoax, from Unfortunately these spoofs are a little too good.”

    This is NOT accurate.

    Actually, the preceding video is a MALICIOUS KNOCK-OFF of a spoof video from .

    There is a BIG difference here. MINE was meant to be humorous. The video you posted was stolen from me, and was re-edited in an attempt to DECEIVE.

    Thank you.

  13. @ ObamaSnippetsDotCom

    Please accept my apology for the appallingly bad wording of my article and the omission of significant distinctions between the video I presented and yours. I have updated the article.

  14. Thank you, Doctor.
    I do hope your readers will take a moment to view my original work.
    The same youtube thief has even stolen my newest work, “Obama DRUNK!”
    in another attempt to manipulate and deceive others, as well.

  15. Saint James says:

    ObamaSnippetsDotCom: The same youtube thief has even stolen my newest work, “Obama DRUNK!”
    in another attempt to manipulate and deceive others, as well.

    I’ve seen that, but megadarwin135 blocked me from posting in his channel. I hope that you already reported him to Youtube admin.

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