Pretty please with sugar on it

Yet another request for re-hearing has been denied, this time by the DC Court of Appeals in the case of Hollister v Soetoro. To summarize the courts decision:

No. No. No.

Read the full order:

HOLLISTER v SOETORO (APPEAL) – PER CURIAM ORDER – Order Denying Petition for Rehearing and Recusal – Transp… by Jack Ryan

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7 Responses to Pretty please with sugar on it

  1. richCares says:

    in Zen, it’s called “The Way of The Birther”
    or by it’s shorter term “Failure”

  2. AnotherBird says:

    Denied. Denied. Denied. A perfect case study in how not to do things. One … Have some “hard” evidence.

  3. Reality Check says:

    Also in the news today was that the 3rd Circuit issued an order for Kerchner et. al. to pay costs. I doubt we will see Apuzzo come over to do his victory lap on this one.

  4. G says:

    As expected, the courts continue to rule as all sane folks easily predicted.

    Zero and how many now for the Birthistani? But will they ever get a clue? Naaaaah…

  5. AnotherBird says:

    Reality Check: Also in the news today was that the 3rd Circuit issued an order for Kerchner et. al. to pay costs. I doubt we will see Apuzzo come over to do his victory lap on this one.

    Hollister et. al. are so far luck that they haven’t been order to pay costs also.

    It is harder to determine the greater disappoint for Kerchner et. al. having to pay costs, or (that it seems) that the costs will not be significant.

  6. Arthur says:

    Zen Drama: The Birther and the Koan (inspired by richCares)

    Sensei and Bither in zazen. Sensei speaks:

    Sensei: And so, little Mouthbreather, can you tell me? What is the meaning of “The Flower Sermon”?

    Birther: What do I think the meaning is?

    Sensei: Yes.

    Birther: Of “The Flower Sermon?”

    Sensei: Yes.

    Birther: Well, it must have been a very pretty flower. . .

    Sensei: I see. Then can you tell me this: what is the sound of one Court of Appeals rapping?

    Birther: Ummmm. . . Sensei, could you repeat the question?

    Sensei: (striking the table with a stick) What is the sound of the Court of Appeals rapping?!

    Birther: Ummm . . . loud?

    Sensei: No you idiot, the sound is “fail”!

    Birther: Fail?

    Sensei: Yes, epic fail.

    Birther: Oh. I thought that was what Obots did.

    Sensei: My teaching may be too “esoteric” for you. Tell me, have you considered seeking enlightenment with the Baptists?

    Birther: OMG! I thought this WAS the Baptists.

    Sensei: We’re Buddhists.

    Birther: (leaving) Well then I’m outtie. See ya on the flip side.

    Sensei: I very much doubt that.

  7. DCH says:

    Berg is done for now. This appeal on a denied appeal failed exactly as predicted and was a attempt to squeeze one more drop out of a long failed case. With the case pipeline dried up the birthers are back to square one. They acheived nothing,
    Phil has filed some other new nonsense case recently but it wil take him a long time to get a court date (just so he can fail again). That new case, whatever it is, will ge dismissed and then get appealed to get denied. Rinse – repeat.

    Mario has to pay court costs! LOL
    If I were the next lawyer facing him in his next birther case I’d bill a bunch of costs so the Mario case carries a poison pill for Mario.

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