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If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page, you’ll see two columns of web sites, one headed “The Good” and one headed “The Bad” and a blank space to the right. That blank space may one day hold the third category of web sites, “The Ugly.”

On a web page, often less is more. Put too much, and the visitor sees nothing. Put a few choice items on the page, and the visitor sees everything. I don’t want to be encyclopedic with these lists, but if I missed something obvious, comment on it. I’m still puzzling what to put in the Ugly column.

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15 Responses to The good, the bad, and the ugly

  1. Whatever4 says:

    Lame Cherry and AtlasShrugged qualify as “Ugly”, as does Stormfront. Anyone whose birtherism is overtly guided by racism, white supremacy, islamophobia, or sheer hatred. But you don’t want to actually link to those and thereby give them credence.

  2. Whatever4 says:

    Oh, and WARN people about going to Orly’s House of Malware.

  3. Dave says:

    Lately Taitz’s blog has been pretty ugly. She has always occasionally indulged her anti-Muslim bigotry, but lately it’s been non-stop and much nastier.

  4. Majority Will says:

    Whatever4: Oh, and WARN people about going to Orly’s House of Malware.

    That’s one of many reasons I don’t use MS Windows. In fact, almost never in the past 30 years.

  5. Bovril says:

    Personal view would be that the “Bad” would be the like of Freeperville etc, nasty and somewhat controlling but not a full Reality Distortion Field in place.

    The “ugly” bucket really encompasses the Pest and Fail, Orly etc which are not only controlling but downright viciously vindictive with “outing” of dissenters IP addresses and email addys.

    So as an example Mario Apuzzo’s site is mostly controlling but not individually vindictive outside of peridic name calling and turgid “legal” briefs. Ditto with Lakin’s SafeguardOurConstitution support site. Ditto “American Thinker”

    On the other hand WND, Orly, Pest, The JAG Hunter etc take it right past that to outright bigotry, lies and calls for the overthrow of legal government.

    My view, YMMV

  6. HORUS says:

    After that ranting article in P&E I think they should be added to the Ugly category.

  7. Loren says:

    I feel so slighted…

  8. Loren: I feel so slighted…

    This is exactly the “obvious omission” I was worried about, but soon remedied.

  9. Bovril: My view, YMMV

    Thanks for sharing your view, which I found helpful in thinking about the lists.

  10. Kbell says:

    Ugly is crazy off-shore Bob at the American grand Jury website. The longer the failures pile up, the crazier this blokes gets. The comments on his site are straight out of the loony bin.

  11. Black Lion says:

    Ugly should be the Post and Fail…Usually bad but this article for the racist implications is up there with the most ridiculous….

    “I’ll be the first to admit that I would never have voted for Obama in a million years, but not for any other reason than his ideology. Anybody who has an ounce of honesty in his blood can’t deny he’s a big government type of guy, but now that he’s been elected, that’s not what really disturbs me. What has me disturbed is his lack of honesty….that’s right, he’s a liar! Let’s not even talk about the comment made by Joe Wilson during the State of the Union address regarding health care, which, by the way, turned out to be quite accurate! Let’s just talk about some of his campaign promises!”


    First of all, I ain’t just some white-racist-cracker. I was born and raised in northern New Jersey in an ethnically-diverse neighborhood during the 50s, 60s and 70s. I went through the race riots of the 60s. I’m second generation Italian and fully understand what a prejudice is. I’ve been called “wop,” “guinea,” “dago,” “greaseball” and much more. Being a Vietnam-era veteran, I’ve been labeled a “baby-killer” as well, so don’t be pulling the phony race card on me!

    So……this is where I’m headed and this is without a doubt the biggest disappointment I have in Obama, as should many others: Mr. Obama, as our first black (putative) president, is in the perfect position to fulfill the “Dream.” Instead of showing us all how many vacations he can take, how many rounds of golf he can play, and instead of Michelle showing up at a food bank in $600 designer sneakers, how about putting on that leadership hat and preaching a little personal responsibility to those who are living off of entitlements? How about encouraging kids to stay in school so that they can find a good job with a good wage, or if they fathered a child, how about sticking around to be a parent to that child and get a job to support that new-found family rather than walking away, only to impregnate some other young girl. Obama should be using his bully pulpit. He should be beating THAT drum day and night. Why is it that blacks seem to be the only ethnic group unable to pick themselves up and out of poverty? I’ve known immigrants who came to this country not even able to speak English who have become very self-sufficient citizens. Some even became small business owners. They didn’t look for a handout, only a hand up, and they found the Dream! So in my humble opinion, Obama will be a failure not only as a leader to our country, but to the people who need his guidance and help the most. But then again, most of us understand what it’s all about! It’s not about changing people’s lives or building a person’s character, self-confidence and esteem; it’s about votes! As long as he dangles that entitlement carrot in front of their nose, they’ll blindly follow it right to the ballot box and into the corners of hell! When there are more people receiving entitlements than there are funding them, he will have killed the goose that lays the golden egg! He will have killed America!”

  12. Black Lion says:

    Doc, it seems like FOX, whether it be the news or website should be listed under the bad (Lee Van Cleff) or the Ugly (Eli Wallach)…..Especially after Cavuto pulled this stunt….

    “No matter who is speaking, barging in like an uncouth cave dweller is rude, period. But during a speech about one of the most painful moments in U.S. history? Unacceptable… To then compound the insult by saying that Mrs. President Obama was married to a “nobody” makes me want to hurl things at my computer screen… Finally: The President and First Lady are, and always have been, about as “somebody” as you can get.”

    Or this deceptive edit of the President’s speech last week…

    “Fox News personality Sean Hannity is an opinion host, not a reporter: a fact made abundantly clear in last week’s fracas over what one CNN host called on Sunday “deceptive” video editing.

    Most journalists would get fired over something like this.

    Last week, Hannity featured a clip of President Obama explaining why he will allow the Bush tax cuts to expire, just as the prior administration had planned. Introducing the video, Hannity called Obama’s words “a rare moment of honesty” that he hopes voters will watch. “… [Taxes] are scheduled to go up substantially next year, for everybody,” the president said.

    “I know the anointed one will make sure that happens,” he quipped disapprovingly.

    But, that’s not really what the president said.

    “Under the tax plan passed by the last administration, taxes are scheduled to go up substantially next year, for everybody,” he explained, in an unedited version of the remarks. “By the way, this was by design.”

    The president has suggested that America keep the tax cuts afforded to the vast majority of Americans, while allowing tax cuts for the wealthiest to expire. As Obama puts it, he’d like to keep the Bush tax cuts that pertain to 98 percent of Americans, and do away with the substantial tax benefits for the wealthy.

    Cutting right to the chase, CNN’s Howard Kurtz on Sunday called out Hannity’s audio/visual trickery.

    “Isn’t that kind of editing — what’s the word — deceptive?” he mused.

    “It’s a fun and easy way to make people you disagree with say things that make them unelectable,” summarized Daily Show host Jon Stewart, who was first to catch Hannity’s edit.

    “Hannity and [Fox News personality Glenn] Beck use this technique often and repeatedly,” video blog Crooks and Liars noted. “Hannity, for instance, has repeatedly run a deceptively edited video of Obama speaking abroad in order to smear him as being a president who presents a weak American face. It’s almost a nightly feature of Beck’s show, who uses selective edits to smear everyone from Van Jones to Jim Wallis to President Obama.

    “Indeed, selectively cropped video has been a specialty of Fox News generally for some time now, and it has been long remarked.”

  13. Black Lion says:

    Hating Obama has become a cottage industry….And this new site should be at least in the bad category…

    For instance the site below….

    “Is his name Barack Hussein Obama II, as contended in two books arguably written by him and on a specious COLB presented to a gullible lamestream media on partisan blogs and campaign websites? Or is his name Barry Obama, as (it is claimed) he was known in school in Hawaii? Or is his name Barry Soetoro, as school registration forms from Indonesia seem to indicate? Or is his name Soebarkah, as his mother’s passport records seem to indicate? (A one word name, in keeping with Indonesian tradition, because he was adopted by his stepfather.) Or is his name Barry Dunham, Steve Dunham, or the latest: Barrack Houssein Obama II, as indicated on records from a U.S. MILITARY Court-Martial of patriotic American, LTC Lakin, who himself put his life and freedom on the line in a quest to learn the answer to this question: WHO IS THIS MAN?”

    And in the comments…

    Renee | September 13, 2010 at 4:17 pm | Reply
    Miri, I read somewhere that Soebarkah means adopted. Maybe Leza found it, someone did but I forgot. I was so busy when I read it I did not have time to catch it and save it.

    Leza | September 13, 2010 at 5:43 pm | Reply
    Soe’ barkah Soe’ would be an abbreviation of Soetoro

    barkah = Brotherhood in African Islam

    barka = Homeless ( or ) Adopted in Poland

    In a hurry posting this, I will post link’s/comment’s to this information later tonight.

    bridgetteb | September 14, 2010 at 11:57 am | Reply

    KUHNER: President’s socialist takeover must be stopped
    By Jeffrey T. Kuhner

  14. Black Lion says:

    Another nominee for the bad or ugly….I wonder if the birthers even read what they write regarding smearing the President or his family….

    “I posted a few Malcolm X Videos below and it is amazing how much he does look like Obama. Of course, no body knows for sure, because Obama is hiding everything about his past, but it is interesting.

    Also, Don Fredick, the author of “The Obama Timeline” stated some really interesting facts about this theory during my interview with him from Sept. 8th, 2010. Fredrick shows a trail of money that came from some very close friends of Malcolm X to help Obama pay for his education.

    Plus, the fact that Obama does not look like Obama Sr. is also very interesting, but he does look a lot like Malcolm X. I chose photos of them both smiling and you can see that they have the same facial structure and skin color as well. Don also said that Obama has a closer voice to Malcolm X, than does Obama Sr., who reportedly has a much deeper voice than Obama Jr.

    Don also claimed that Obama’s mother lived in an area of Seattle during the same time that Malcolm X had a Mosque there and that she was always attracted to black Muslim men. The more radical and anti-American, the better.

    Of course if Obama’s father is indeed Malcolm X, then that would make both of his parents U.S. Citizens. He would then only have to prove that he was born in Hawaii and not in Kenya.”–malcolm-x-look-a-like-contest.aspx

    And in the comments…

    Marco wrote:
    I always heard Stanley got around. The resemblance is uncanny. Definitely Barry’s daddy.

    Ten Megaton wrote:
    I am not sure, but then again they all look alike to me(it’s a joke)

  15. aarrgghh says:

    Black Lion: Another nominee for the bad or ugly….I wonder if the birthers even read what they write regarding smearing the President or his family….“I posted a few Malcolm X Videos below and it is amazing how much he does look like Obama. Of course, no body knows for sure, because Obama is hiding everything about his past, but it is interesting …”

    having been bred from a pool of barely-educated know-nothings taught to hate anything that smells of learning lest they figure out what useful idiots they are, birfers are obsessed with malcolm x because they know absolutely bupkis about black radicalism, except the name of the one radical famous enough to make it into the history books. there are no other black radicals in birfistan, so it makes perfect sense: if stanley ann developed an unhealthy and unamerican obsession with black radicals, who else would the starry-eyed floozy end up in bed with?

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