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I suppose that not many folks know that there are two meanings for “internet.” One of them simply means any “interconnected network” and in that sense, “internet” is not capitalized. The particular interconnected network where this blog lives is called the “Internet” and is properly capitalized.

I make this distinction because the birthers appear to refer to some other interconnected network than the Internet and some other web site named “google” (lower case) than the one I frequent when they say news coverage of Terry Lakin’s trial is censored and google hides access to the information. Here are some excerpts from the Internet:

  • Ignorance is no defense, Washington Observer-Reporter, December 23. “One would have thought that an intelligent, highly educated person such as Lakin would have been above the birther nonsense, but his case just goes to show that politically motivated idiocy knows no bounds.”
  • ‘Birther’ Dismissed from Army for Refusing Deployment, Sentenced to Six Months in Prison, ABC News, December 16, 2010. “”If they find him [Lakin] guilty, then he will become a martyr, a political dissident who asked something very simple,” Taitz, who attended the first two days of the hearing, told ABC News. “There’s going to be an outcry.””
  • Usurper in Chief?, New York Times, December 14, 2010. “So now the Birthers consider the court-martial part of the dastardly conspiracy.”
  • Lakin serving time at Fort Leavenworth, Sonoran News, December 22, 2010.  “Dismissal from the military as an officer is equivalent to a dishonorable discharge and essentially eliminates Lakin’s right to all benefits incident to his military service.”
  • Lt. Col. Terry Lakin fell victim to the sin of certainty, as do many prophets and pundits,, December 20, 2010, “Some people, however, are unwilling to put up with the ongoing battle to make decisions. A brain that can’t stand uncertainty, Lehrer writes, ‘often tricks itself into thinking the wrong thing.'”
  • ‘Birther’ sentenced to six months in prison, kicked out of Army, Stars and Stripes, “’I don’t want [my career] to end this way,’ a tearful Lakin said to military jurors during the sentencing phase of his trial Wednesday afternoon”.

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4 Responses to The Internet

  1. Northland10 says:

    I’m so proud. My hometown (i.e., where I grew up) newspaper has been quoted on Doc’s blog (

    Funny how the town where “Republic of the United States of America, President Turner,” is apparently headquartered, would allow such an Obot propaganda piece to be printed in the local paper. Of course, then again, since the birthers have said there was no coverage, apparently, it was not printed.

  2. aarrgghh says:

    teh internet, two years ago.

    my, how far we’ve come!

  3. Dave says:

    Did you know the Kalamazoo Gazette has a larger circulation than the Washington Times? And the Washington Times seems to get quoted everywhere all the time, for some reason.

    I guess I’m a little OT here.

  4. Keith says:

    Northland10: I’m so proud. My hometown (i.e., where I grew up) newspaper has been quoted on Doc’s blog (

    Mine too 😎 , but in a different post (Arizona Daily Star from Tucson)

    I’m especially proud that the Star is talking sense in an increasingly nonsensical state. Perhaps Southern Arizona should split off and form the State of Gadsden (or maybe Nuevo Sonora). But then I think the good folks up in Flagstaff would feel we had abandoned them to twist in the hot air winds blowing up from Phoenix..

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