Obama accepts sign holder’s apology

It’s rare with the topics we discuss that we see some genuine dialog between the highly polarized political partisans surrounding Barack Obama. This exceptional story was heartwarming to me.

Last year Barack Obama visited Pensacola, Florida, to view the impact of the Gulf oil spill on the area. A Pensacola resident was photographed holding a sign as Obama passed by, saying “Why did you wait so long?”  That’s not so bad as signs go, but sign holder Nathan Allen was troubled. He was convicted by the New Testament scripture from Acts Chapter 23: “You shall not speak evil of the ruler of your people” that he had done the wrong thing. Allen wrote the President to apologize for the sign and make it right. President Obama replied to Mr. Allen with a hand-written note  saying “”I have to say that I have seen signs a lot worse, and part of my job is to take criticism.” (Yes, I’m sure you have!)

Mr. Allen plans to pray for President Obama in the future, rather than holding signs.

(You can view the sign and a much more extensive article at the Pensacola News Journal web site).

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