Obama Conspiracy Theories goes into syndication

I was invited to share my blog through the Before It’s News web site. Before It’s News is an aggregation of feeds from a large number of sites, claiming 1.5 million monthly visits. I’m featured under the “Obama” topic. I hope that syndication will enhance search engine hits for me and that the blog will get more exposure in general.

A couple of changes here were necessary to support syndication. First, as I mentioned before, the full text of articles is being sent through the RSS feed now, instead of excerpts. The second change is that I am now selectively excluding articles from the feed, articles that are of local interest only. So as of now, articles in the Lounge category (such as this one) won’t go out in the RSS feed. Feeds for Obama Conspiracy Theories are also available through Google Feedburner.

Before It’s News also has an “Obama Birthplace Controversy” section where my content probably belongs, but that area is congested with birther nonsense, and perhaps I’m better off in the more general context.

Anyone who is so inclined might visit over there and say that they “like” this author. 😉


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I'm not a real doctor, but I have a master's degree.
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2 Responses to Obama Conspiracy Theories goes into syndication

  1. Slartibartfast says:

    I went over and said I liked you Doc. 😉

  2. Eglenn harcsar says:

    Before it’s news is a favorite bookmark of mine. It’s where I,ve learned that haarp technology causes earthquakes and a blue ray from outer space melted the helicopter pad of the horizon oil rig. ( I’m not just a one drum guy!) I hope it does drive more traffic here and I hope you and your commentors welcome a new edge of the fringe with your ever disarming rhetorical memes.

    :). :). There’s really no such thing as retirement!

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