Problems viewing comments

A number of you have posted comments, or sent me contact emails saying that recent comments are not  visible. Some say that after you POST a new comment, everything appears.

If you experience this problem, please do the following:

See if this is happening on one article, or all of them.

When on a page where you expect comments to appear, use your browser’s “View Page Source” feature (in Firefox, Ctrl-U will do this). Scroll down to the bottom of the source, where you should see something like about “WP Super Cache.” Copy that and the following line that lets me know when the page you were viewing was generated, and paste it in a comment on this thread. You’ll have to remove the leading “<” on the line to keep it from being deleted.

!-- Dynamic page generated in 0.653 seconds. -->
!-- Cached page generated by WP-Super-Cache on 2011-03-05 15:37:14 -->

Once you post a comment, note whether you can now see other comments, and whether this is for one article or all of them.


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8 Responses to Problems viewing comments

  1. Wile E. says:

    Thanks. I will try that if it happens again.

    My problem was slightly different in that when I tried to view your site (late last night and earlier this morning before I made a “test” post), all I could see was what had happened before you made the post after the front-page “waiting for spring open thread” post. FYI

  2. I may have made some progress in understanding the problem. Solution not yet.

  3. OK, I fully understand the problem. I also think that it is “fixed” in that you’ll get the right stuff now. However, it is “not fixed” in that the speed up that the caching provided is not happening any more. Sigh.

    Still working.

  4. Sef says:

    Things seem now to be working (at least for me) as they previously did. Current comments are visible without the need to post. I don’t know how youse done it, but I know youse done it.

  5. The problem was rather complex. I asked my web host whether they could change the directory name where the blog lives from UPPER to LOWER case and they took it upon themselves to make the change without telling me (bad) and DELETED the whole blog (hugely bad).

    Fortunately a backup existed, and now things should be working as they should after I reconfigured some stuff.

    The end result should be that the problem is fixed and performance and stability improved.

  6. G says:

    Yeah, I noticed the blog “disappeared” overnight… glad it is back, intact and appearing fully up-to-date. Good job on restoring the backup!

  7. Scientist says:

    i couldn’t see any comments after Feb 28, until just now. I thought there might have been some bug related to months with fewer than 30 days. I’m glad it’s fixed (mostly).

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