Queen Orly passes the crown

You know, it used to be “all Orly, all the time” around here, with the “Queen of the Birthers” pretty much commanding the Obama conspiracy news cycle. So let’s comb Donald Trump aside and see what Orly’s up to.

Please don’t think me unfair for calling Dr. Taitz “Queen of the Birthers” because her followers do the same, as in this message on her blog from supporter Leonard McCauley:

Orly! U have been a good Queen & taken several Hits most men could not shoulder…U should be proud.

Now Orly herself acknowledges her reign along with the ascendency of Donald Trump in a new article titled: My response to Mediate: “I am happy to hand my crown to Mr. Trump. He will do a great job in promoting the issue of ObamaFraudGate and Obama’s illegitimacy to U.S. Presidency, as well as setting tariffs on cheap products from third world countries, and by doing that will bring badly needed jobs to our children. You go, Mr. Trump, the king of the birthers and the President of the United States and the Commander in Chief we need now, not a moment too soon” Yes, that was the title. By the way, Andy Martin has already claimed to be King of the Birthers, so we’ll just have to see who retains the title.

Something also happened, the significance of which escapes me, in the libel and defamation lawsuit against Orly, Liberi v Taitz as reported by Leagle.com. I think one court decided that another court has to decide, or something like that.

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4 Responses to Queen Orly passes the crown

  1. Prairie Blue says:

    So Trump and Andy Martin have to battle for the title of “Birther King?”

    I see a tickle fight coming on….

  2. ASK Esq says:

    I’d pay good money to see a crown slowly sink into the stuff Trump calls his hair.

  3. Stanislaw says:

    Wouldn’t being crowned “King of the Birthers” be analagous to being crowned “smartest kid on the short bus?”

  4. gorefan says:

    Orly can get back on top if she will just start promoting the story that the President is trying to kill Justice Scalia.


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