Whatever made you think they read the bills?

That’s the title of an article from the Savannah Morning News that I just finished reading. It’s about the “birther bill” in Georgia, and how support for that bill is dropping like flies.

The article makes the important point that legislators get snookered into supporting bills that they haven’t read and wouldn’t vote for if they had. I enjoyed reading about the politics of this particular piece of birther legislation.

The coverage of the birther bill in Georgia newspapers that I’ve read is uniformly negative.

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5 Responses to Whatever made you think they read the bills?

  1. charo says:

    It’s probably more this:

    WSB TV’s Lori Geary is reporting that President’s Obama’s budget recommendation to Congress includes $600K for permitting costs to deepen the Port of Savannah, but not the $100 Million in construction costs the Georgia Governor and Congressional delegation were hoping for.


    The [“birther”] bill comes as the Georgia Ports Authority continues to push the White House for hundreds of millions in federal dollars to dredge the Port of Savannah – the state’s most important infrastructure project. The bill also flies in the face of an alliance that the House speaker has built with the mayor of Atlanta on another crucial issue – transportation funding.


  2. Greg says:

    Well, as a taxpayer in another state, I’ve got to say I’m not convinced Georgia can be trusted with my $100 million.

    They’re clearly wasting time and money with this nonsense!


    Ho hum, remember when Republicans could lose elections gracefully without going off the deep end? Yeah, me neither

  4. Sean says:

    A little off topic,

    Does anyone know if that Churhill bust was sent back to the UK? I heard somewhere that it was just moved to another location.

    Just wonderin’


  5. Sean: Does anyone know if that Churhill bust was sent back to the UK? I heard somewhere that it was just moved to another location.

    The Spectator in the UK had originally reported that the bust was in the President’s residence at the White House; however, they have retracted that story and now say that the bust is in the British Ambassador’s residence in Washington, DC.


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