Hawaii court rejects latest birther appeal

Justice v Fuddy

The Hawaii Intermediate Court of Appeals rejected an appeal in the case Justice v. Fuddy, brought by Dr. Robert V. Justice, a Beverly Hills, California, man seeking a copy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate, reports the Honolulu Star Bulletin. Justice based his claim on the Hawaii Open Records law, but was unable to show that disclosure of President Obama’s birth certificate was necessary to health and safety.

Chief Judge Craig Naka­mura of the appeals court wrote the 17-page opinion in behalf of himself and appeals Judge Alexa Fujise.

In a concurring opinion, appeals Judge Katherine Leonard said Justice does not have the power to determine the president’s eligibility and did not allege any factual basis for his “implicit contention” that Obama might not be a natural-born U.S. citizen.

Honolulu Star Bulletin [Hyperlink added]

This is an important decision rebutting certain crank interpretations of Hawaiian law.

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4 Responses to Hawaii court rejects latest birther appeal

  1. Slartibartfast says:

    You know, with all of the crazy things going on in this country, it’s nice that at least our judges can recognize a huge pile of crap when someone rubs their noses in it…

  2. US Citizen says:

    Once again the “conservatives” can’t respect law, challenge it and cost local, state and federal govs MORE money than had they used their brains and not their emotions.

    Time and time again, I see so-called “Conservatives” spend money for reasons that are ill-conceived.
    For example, if these same people who preach against abortion and how sacred life is ever visited a children’s hospital, THAT would be a true miracle.
    The aggregate amount of money spent on abortion (or even birther) cases and bills could have been used to help some lives they wanted to be saved, but simply weren’t born healthy.
    This being but one of many possible uses for money spent foolishly.

    I have a friend that’s a vet.
    He’s a die-hard conservative, but he’s still a true friend.
    When he finally had to sue the feds for SS disability money (and he IS one mighty damaged soldier), he immediately bought a used Mercedes, a trip to France, various toys, new TVs, etc.
    None saved, none invested.
    Approx $50K gone in about 10 days.
    He “doesn’t know how the money went so fast!”
    All emotions and ego and no foresight.

    I know I sound preachy, but it just pisses me no end to consider just how much total money really has been spent on birtherism and the “Tea Party” and for so little positive actions.
    Compared to their winnings, going to Vegas could be considered a valid “investment meeting.”
    There, you actually win sometimes.
    I know all this still pales in comparison to the cost of just a couple of cruise missiles, but it’s still not core conservatism.
    This is the most expensive “show us your papers!” case ever.

    Not one birther case won yet out of something around 80 (?) and still they will spend money from their govs until the end of the Obama administration. Perhaps even past it.

    – US Citizen

    PS: if you’ve ever wondered why my screen name is what it is, consider that it doesn’t get kicked off birther blogs quite as fast as others. 😉

  3. Greg says:

    What is it with dentists?

  4. obsolete says:

    I hope the courts consulted nc1 before issuing its decision. Afterall, she is the only one who can correctly read Hawaii’s laws.

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