Vacation from hell

I’ve always wanted to take a cruise to Alaska…

but not this one

It’s a Tea Party cruise sponsored by WorldNetDaily, featuring Jerome Corsi, says the Anchorage Daily News. Other celebrity notables include Floyd Brown (author of Obama Unmasked: Did Slick Hollywood Handlers Create the Perfect Candidate?) and anti-Obama plaintiff Alan Keyes.

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6 Responses to Vacation from hell

  1. Sef says:

    Are they going to add to the pollution in Prince William Sound by dumping boxes of tea overboard?

  2. Majority Will says:

    Are they going to add to the pollution in Prince William Sound by dumping boxes of tea overboard?

    No, but thousands of boxes of Corsi’s idiotic birther book bought by WND will make beneficent artificial reefs at the bottom of the ocean when buried at sea.

  3. The sad news is that, when they advertise a polar bear swim, they ARE being literal. Hopefully no one takes the plunge.

  4. richCares says:

    the comments at Anchorage Daily News” are interesting, not a birther insight.

  5. Origuy says:

    You’ve heard of swimming with dolphins? Maybe they swim with polar bears. Nahhh, we should be so lucky.

  6. Keith says:

    I strongly recommend a cruise to Atuaro instead. Its a smallish island about 35 kilometers off the coast of Timor-Leste just north of Dili. There is a daily water taxi that leaves Dili at 7:30 each morning and takes 45 to 120 minutes to make the crossing depending on the sea (there is a retired outboard motor mechanic from Queensland now on Atauro trying to convince the Taxi owner that he has the wrong boat and to tune the one he has properly so it doesn’t beat the passengers into silly putty).

    I guarantee that Atauro would be much more satisfying than Alaska. They even have mobile phone coverage and broadband internet (via satellite) so you can stay in touch with excitement of Orly’s dog and pony shows.

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