Aid and comfort

I made a passing but very intentional remark at the end of my recent article on Terry Lakin, suggesting that his activities provide aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States.

Only one day later we see an example of enemies of the United States taking advantage of the birther issue. The Iran Book News Agency, in article “Questions surge at Amazon” makes anti-American propaganda out of birther comments attached to Jerome Corsi’s recent book, Where’s the Birth Certificate?

IBNA quoted Amazon birther comments such as:

"The long form birth certificate is a FORGERY. Our government has been overthrown," said one comment in the revived arguments over the book and its premise.

“There is no real birth certificate. AND YOU KNOW IT," proclaimed one participant.

About the birth certificate image, Jimmy E. wrote, "There is not an original … well maybe an original on somebody’s hard drive."

Perhaps the Iranians read Jerome Corsi’s Facebook wall, which says:

WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE leads the forums — #1 forum on the site, 3 months after publication, with over 800 different threads being debated. Clearly, the eligibility issue is not going away. The OBOTs continue to fight hard, even irrationally, knowing Obama is not eligible to be president.

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4 Responses to Aid and comfort

  1. Hawaiiborn says:

    BTW, JImmy E. Didn’t make that statement that was quoted. Amazon’s forums doesn’t allow quoting of who you reply to but he was quoting another member (one of four birthers in that forum) and was replying to that quote.

    The birther is a B. Nicholson (who is probably a sock puppet of BROMAN who has many sockpuppets on Amazon).

  2. aarrgghh says:

    red-blooded natural-born patriotic constitutionalists giving aid and comfort? only to our allies:

    1) “thanks for taking my call today orly, i hope the israeli government contacts you shortly and as you remarked ‘a foreign nation is a 4th method to get this to the supreme court for hearing'”

    2) “What of Orly Taitz hired Mossad to investigate the burf certificate and/or perform a complete background check? Now THAT would be cool!”

    3) “i would rather mossad be the department to expose this affirmative action figure fraud-in-chief. THAT would be karmic justice on this prick.”

    4) “i would still like MI6 to be the one to break this wide-open. i would think that kenya being a part of the UK when obama was born would file paperwork regarding his british citizenship status. those records would need to indicate place of birth as well, i would assume.

    if it would please her majesty, queen elizabeth she could pull the strings and release this info. w/out people knowing she was the one ordering it. that might be quite interesting …”

    5) I would just love for Bibi Netanyahu to call him on his eligibility. That would start the fireworks seen ’round the world.

    And 50 million t-shirts with Bibi’s face printed on them would be on the streets of America the next day.”

    6) You can bet the MOSAD already knows one way or the other as to the birth certificate issue. And if they need that info to pressure the administration …they will use it.
    God Bless Israel!”

    7) I have always said to myself from the beginning: ‘self, the Israelis know everything there is to know about that cheeky Kenyan bastard. Once the little bastard annoys the Israelis enough, which he has already many times, they will drop the bomb on his true identity. They may have been/are waiting because they know this is going to cause turmoil in the U.S. But what is worse at this point? Good!!! Let the fun begin.'”

  3. J. Potter says:

    This is nearly a copy of a WND article. Wonder where else it’s being picked up?

  4. Hawaiiborn says:

    and more of corsi’s lies. Most of the thread on that Forum are about politics (not about his eligibility) started by the 4 birthers (more than likely its just one with many socks).

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