Wouldn’t it be fun?

I was just indulging in a bit of reverie after reading the WorldNetDaily “story” about a 100-strong Obot army being directed from Pennsylvania Avenue. Wouldn’t it be fun to be in the birther’s fictional Obot army?

I mean, every morning you’d get the “message of the day,” the talking points to make combating birthers. You’d be on the “inside” and be part of the “team.” We could like have secret handshakes and make up code words. It would be a hoot.

And the money! Wow, with all those millions sitting around in Obama’s campaign war chest, think of the money! Maybe we could even have an Obot group health plan – or MAYBE we could even get that health plan that our members of Congress have.

Plus you don’t have to do all that demeaning and degrading stuff the birthers have to do, like lying and smearing people’s character. Obots just have to be friendly, know the facts, and point out the obvious – sort of like being a librarian!

Back in January of 2009 I tried writing some Obot fiction, an essay that met with deathly silence from the community here. I believe that to write good fiction, you have to first write out of yourself all the bad fiction. I haven’t gotten all the bad fiction out yet (probably never will). Nevertheless, my character, “kenny” is quite a bit like what the birthers might imagine a member of the Obot army to be.

Anyway, a fantasy about being an Obot political insider is fun for a moment, but not realistic.

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13 Responses to Wouldn’t it be fun?

  1. The song, Wouldn’t be Nice? by the Beach Boys is playin’.

  2. Dave says:

    Is this what you’re referring to?

    The O-Bot Chronicles – Chapter 1

  3. gorefan says:

    Did you ever write that Chapter 2?

    “Make me a sergeant in charge of the booze! Make me a sergeant in charge of the booze!”

  4. J.Potter says:

    Sounds like working at Fox News!Do not question Ailes the Great and Powerful!

    Yet another example of how birthers are behind the times. It would be far more insidious, and closer to reality, to insist the Obot Army was a work-from-home “opportunity”… like a pyramid scheme. That we were all radicalized by others and roped in, not even fully aware of the damage we were doing. Just desperate for a little cash. But maybe this version hits a little too close to home? It’s better to define the Obot Army as the shadowy, far away Other?

    There’s also a level of projected fantasy here. Perhaps birthers wish they were being rewarded for their loyalty and patriotism. Rather than laughed at.

  5. kimba says:

    “I mean, every morning you’d get the “message of the day,” the talking points to make combating birthers. You’d be on the “inside” and be part of the “team.” ”

    Don’t tell about how we get paid. The envelopes left in the…Oh no I said too much.

  6. Three chapters in all were written. They are all hyperlinked. Chapter 1 is by far the longest. The overall plan was that Galena was going to come close to destroying the country, only to be thwarted by the Obot, kenny. eddy was going to make things worse by acting on a personal grudge he had to settle. The characters were supposed to represent stereotypes that each side had about the other.

    gorefan: Did you ever write that Chapter 2?

  7. Bovril says:

    I though all we Obots were ensnared by the outfit, the brown shirts, jackboots, lederhosen, Nazi and Communist regalia etc.

    In my case it’s mainly that I just loath bigots and feckwits who want to trample on my rights and those of those around me and have a minimal moral compass….. 😎

  8. ASK Esq says:

    Back when I was a frequent contributor at Yahoo!Answers, in the religion section, an oft-repeated question was “Why would anyone be an atheist?” My stock response was “I was told there would be pie. Is there to be no pie, then?”

    Birthers are, for all intents and purposes, deeply religious people. They totally believe that something is true, despite having no real evidence that it is. And, on order to maintain their level of belief, they have to accept that what they take as fact is do clear and obvious, anyone who doesn’t agree with them is not only wrong, but must have an ulterior motive for taking their position. Thus, obots cannot be right, nor can they even truly think they’re right. They must be getting paid by Obama to spread his lies.

    Well, I’m still waiting for my pie.

  9. Sef says:

    ASK Esq: Well, I’m still waiting for my pie.

    Peaches will be in season in another week.

  10. gorefan says:

    Dr. Conspiracy: Three chapters in all were written.

    Excellent story, great attention to details.

  11. I’m making a tomato pie for supper tonight.


    Sef: Peaches will be in season in another week.

  12. And it was wonderful. The fresh basil right out of the yard made all the difference.

    Dr. Conspiracy: I’m making a tomato pie for supper tonight.

  13. Wile E. says:

    She’s got a great tomato-basil soup recipe that I’ve used for years. That is to say I used it once and it was great so I’ve been making my interpretation of it ever since. As with a lotta things Paula Deen, it starts with bacon and sauteed onions and ends with heavy whipping cream. It’s yummy.

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