Information explosion

While I never, for one moment, believed the Esquire satire about Joseph Farah recalling and pulping all the copies of Where’s the Birth Certificate, sometimes I find it hard to figure out whether some of the more far-out stories about Barack Obama are serious or not.

Case in point is Sept. 16 article titled: Photographic Evidence that Barack Obama is a Human/Reptilian Hybrid, Part 1. Some of the same concepts that explain how artifacts were introduced in Obama birth certificates by enlarging photos beyond the point of actual information in the image, are seen in this article by Ken Adachi at the “Educate Yourself” web site. After taking an original black and white image, and then adding color to it, Adachi says:

I can only speculate why these etheric images show up when examing [sic] enlargements of certain photos of human/reptilian hybrids such as Bush or Obama, but my guess is that their conduct carries etheric "baggage" which rides along in the aura of the victimizer.

Adachi’s article links to an article by Don Nicoloff [Adachi’s link to Nicoloff is bad] and promises “explosive” material to come from Nicoloff. Nicoloff says:

To fool the people into thinking that candidates for high public office are just ordinary Americans, their genealogy is obfuscated, the immense wealth backing them is not mentioned and the political power behind them is understated.

So once again, conspiracy theories about Barack Obama have taken on classical conspiracies of the New World Order and the lizard people: Nothing is as it seems –everything is being manipulated by THEM.

At this point, I have to decide whether to go down this road. Originally, despite this blog’s title, it was always focused on Obama eligibility arguments. I’ve been reading about the classic conspiracy theories for insight on the birthers, but the classic theories have absorbed Obama into their world view.

It sounds like I need to mow some grass.

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3 Responses to Information explosion

  1. Zixi of Ix says:

    I don’t think that most birthers are above or below this… they share the curse of being delusional about the President. All conspiracy theories share certain traits like conformation bias, and an ever-lengthening list of those who are “in on it”, according to True Believers. The comparison breaks down when it gets to motive and world view, though.

    I suggest not going down this road.

    The believers in the reptilian super-race conspiracy (it’s so odd to even write that), believe it about Bush, the Queen of England… so many different people.

    It has nothing to do with Obama specifically.

    This has been a familiar accusation about all sorts of people for the last few decades at least.

    I read Jon Ronson’s Them several years back, about extremists and conspiracy mongers, and it covered David Icke and the lizard people he believes rule over us. Obama was destined to be a lizard person in the eyes of these particular conspiracy believers simply and for no other reason than he’s in power at the moment.

    It makes sense, I guess, if you accept that all of our leaders are lizards.

  2. misha says:

    Zixi of Ix: It makes sense, I guess, if you accept that all of our leaders are lizards.

    I’d say Cheney is.

  3. gorefan says:

    My favorite Nicoloff theory is that the first President Bush was really George H. Scherff, Jr.

    He actully manages to work in Nikola Tesla.

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