SNL comedian goes birther

After watching Jon Steward and Steven Colbert, one might jump to the conclusion only liberals have a sense of humor. Not so. Comedian Victoria Jackson, noted for playing a clueless dumb blonde on Saturday Night Live, reprises that role in real life according to the Juneau Empire newspaper. Jackson was in town along with failed Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller, promoting an event of the Alaska Restoring Liberty PAC. The event was part of a stopover of the WorldNetDaily Tea Party cruise to Alaska.

The paper said:

imageJackson [pictured right] said she only recently got involved in politics and discovered that Obama was a communist. She endorsed Miller’s call for tea party members to get involved in efforts such as serving as local poll workers, which she said now are “mostly old hippies.”

Another report from the Alaska Dispatch said:

Miller was joined at the event by conservative personalities Jerome Corsi and Victoria Jackson, both of whom leveled strong criticism of President Barack Obama, claiming respectively that his birth certificate is a forgery and that he’s actually a communist.

Jackson herself wrote an article at birther website, and cruise sponsor, WorldNetDaily. The article is inexplicably titled “Make me a Liberal,” but then one can never take a WorldNetDaily headline seriously. It is not clear why most of the WND photos of Jackson have her upside down. I guess the implication is that anyone capable of doing a handstand must know what they’re talking about.

Here’s Jackson’s video program that we can expect soon:

You will have to anxiously await my video of Joseph Farah explaining his youthful encounter with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorn; my video of Joe Miller explaining the Murkowski mess (she is voting with the Obama agenda – a true liberal in RINO clothing); my video of Native Hoonah fisherman filleting fish and admitting they voted for Obama and Murkowski because they didn’t know any other candidates (they got Internet three months ago); my video of Jerome Corsi explaining HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research) and contrails; and my video of Aaron Klein (, ABC Radio), author of "The Manchurian President," discussing Israel. There is no technical way for me to get the videos through cyberspace from this remote location.

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14 Responses to SNL comedian goes birther

  1. G says:

    Victoria Jackson has been a total conspiracy bat-sh*t crazy loon for quite a few years now. She has also been openly frothing as a rabid birther and Tea Party evangelist since the early days of Obama’s election.

    There is nothing new here, other than her showing up with a failed candidate in Alaska and pathetic WND scraping the bottom of the barrel in trying to give a long time and well known nut publicity well past her 15 minutes of expired fame.

  2. jayHG says:

    Agreed……..she’s good and crazy, this woman.

  3. Dave says:

    She has a video of Corsi going on about HAARP and chemtrails? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him write about that.

    And her article at WND has this line: “We saw glaciers today. A glacier is a big, big piece of ice.” You don’t suppose squeeky was really Victoria Jackson? I guess that’s unlikely.

  4. Thrifty says:

    She’s been a little out there ever since the election. Her slide to birtherism was inevitable.

    It’s a shame though. I’m not going to be able to enjoy the movie UHF as much any more.

  5. Thrifty says:

    G: There is nothing new here, other than her showing up with a failed candidate in Alaska and pathetic WND scraping the bottom of the barrel in trying to give a long time and well known nut publicity well past her 15 minutes of expired fame.

    I love the reminder that a Tea Party candidate lost to a write-in campaign.

  6. Paul says:

    I love the woman. She confirms every prejudice I had about birthers.

  7. JoZeppy says:

    Well, I guess we now know why she was so convincing in her roles as the dumb blonde….no acting was required.

  8. Greg says:

    That she was funny once doesn’t disprove the notion that only liberals have a sense of humor. I haven’t seen evidence that she is currently funny or that she was a stark-raving loony back when she was, in fact, funny.

  9. Thrifty says:

    I don’t recall Victoria Jackson ever being funny. Rather she played a supporting role among other hilarious actors and actresses.

  10. katahdin says:

    Victoria Jackson is clearly too old for that hairstyle.

  11. aarrgghh says:

    jackson is a child who’s just discovered a neat new game. she is a perfect spokesman for the teabaggers. and her voice is just the icing on the cake.

  12. misha says:

    Victoria Jackson is a failed actress, and is married to a police officer in Dade County, Florida. She is also a fundamentalist Christian.

  13. Horus says:

    I cannot even take a few seconds of her voice.

  14. Lupin says:

    Jackson was barely adequate on SNL in the “straight (wo)man” part — granted, that requires skill, but she never was a very good comedienne. (IMHO)

    In the same register, think of Nicole Sullivan on MAD TV — now, that’s funny.

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