Taitz and Berg litigation history

Somebody is more motivated than I am. Enjoy.

Ccccccc Special Report – A Briefing on the Litigation History of the Attorneys in Liberi v Taitz (C.D. CA)

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8 Responses to Taitz and Berg litigation history

  1. Dr. Bob says:

    That’s SOME crazy shit.

  2. Paul Pieniezny says:

    Reading all that stuff, inevitably raises the question who of both is the worst birther. I tend to believe that while Orly is the worse lawyer, Berg is the more dangerous one, because he at least SOUNDS like a real lawyer. Meaning potential clients must be spared the risk of being defended by him, while anyone who wishes to be defended by Orly rightly deserves all the evil coming their way. Perhaps that explains why she is not disbarred. Yet.

    Meanwhile, it is the CCCCCCC who provides the SOUND of C-riousness.

    But though they mention Orly presented false birth certificates, they did not mention Dudley Doright. So, to make up for that omission:

  3. Paul says:

    Holy crap. That’s just awesome.

  4. Stanislaw says:

    Holy crap. That’s just awesome.

    To the fifth power.

  5. Obsolete says:

    Aka: “Two Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.

  6. G says:

    Excellent report. Someone should submit this as a 3rd party filing at every court case that Berg or Taitz appear in from now on.

  7. Lupin says:

    The mind truly boggles.

    If one look at the amount of paper consumed by these two, they qualify as ecological catastrophes.

  8. The Magic M says:

    Cue WND alluding non-birthers are/will be using this to “influence the courts” and birthers screaming bloody murder in 3… 2…

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