Monsieur le Président

We have had at least two US Presidents who were citizens of France.  George Washington was in office in 1792 when he received French citizenship. There are sources that say that Thomas Jefferson was also a French citizen, although this is not confirmed so far.

Today I was reading the book James Madison by Richard Brookhiser and learned:

These events [the French Revolution] thrilled Madison, as a Francophile, and a republican. In April 1793 he learned that he had been made an honorary French citizen. His reply to Jean-Marie Roland, minister of the interior, shows the tone of his thought. The “artificial boundaries of nations,” he wrote, could not divide the “great family” of mankind.” … Madison accepted French citizenship.… pp. 112-3.

You may also read about the decree conferring citizenship on Washington and Madison in the French Archives.

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3 Responses to Monsieur le Président

  1. Welsh Dragon says:

    Not just Madison – Washington was granted French citizenship at the same time as was Alexander Hamiliton

    I’ve always been a bit sceptical of the claim that Jefferson was a French citizen – there is an early source but it doesn’t cite any primary source.


  2. Plus, Emerich de Vattel apparently might have been naturalized in England,

    The head Researcher

  3. G says:

    Funny snark. Thanks!

    Head Researcher: Plus, Emerich de Vattel apparently might have been naturalized in England, head Researcher

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