Georgia ballot challenge

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported last week that 5 Georgia men challenged President Obama’s inclusion on the Georgia Primary Ballot.

Two of the men filing the challenges, Kevin Powell of Duluth and Carl Swensson of Morrow, are being represented in their efforts by attorney Mark Hatfield, who is also a Republican state lawmaker from Waycross.

The challenge presented to the Georgia Secretary of State has been referred to the state administrative hearings office.

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4 Responses to Georgia ballot challenge

  1. bob says:

    One of the other Georgians is represented by none other than Orly Taitz. (Who also added in a bunch of wannabe presidential candidates to the challenge.)

    Another one of the Georgians is represented by Van Irion, who recently filed two suits against the “National Democratic Party” (i.e., the DNP).

    The last Georgian’s challenged was referred to the court system (because it was determined it was a FOIA-like request).

  2. G says:

    The judge has already combined all of the GA cases into one:

    Judge Malihi has ordered several cases to be consolidated into one.
    Farrar/Lax/Judy/MacLaren/Roth v Obama (Taitz)
    Welden v Obama (van Irion)
    Swensson v Obama (Hatfield)
    Powell v Obama (Hatfield)

    The judge also shows that the Birthers will finally be held accountable for what they file and claim:

    The order puts a bit of a damper on the plaintiffs as it states

    All parties must be prepared to submit Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law by 5:00 PM, February 5, 2012. The parties are encouraged to limit their proposed order to twenty five (25) or fewer pages, and only include pertinent facts and law. All citations will be reviewed carefully. Therefore, it would be injudicious to embellish the testimony of witnesses or points of law.

    There is now a huge case string cite available for GA and other frivolous suits that try to pull Birther claims, so the very body of FAIlL that the Birthers have built up over the years has become a high wall of obstacles for them to surmount:

    Besides, GA already ruled on a ballot challenge very much like these in the prior go-around, so they have a strong legal precedent in Terry v Handel that essentially makes these GA Birther ballot challenge cases even more DOA than usual.

    Some more articles on the Birther’s GA follies from that excellent site. Recommended reading:

  3. AnotherBird says:

    G: The judge also shows that the Birthers will finally be held accountable for what they file and claim:

    That has never stopped them in the past.

  4. G says:

    True, but it may finally lead to well deserved stiff penalties and disbarrment for breaking the rules.

    AnotherBird: That has never stopped them in the past.

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