Orly attacks Article II Super PAC

Orly Taitz published a long article today about the Article II Super PAC, an organization that may is really Vattelevision or the Birther Summit or something. Taitz wrote:

I have more important things to do, than waste my time with Article2superpac handful  of bloggers

But she nevertheless devotes quite a bit of time to this article. The thrust of her criticism is that the PAC made a big deal of hiring attorney Larry Klayman who was supposed to be filing ballot challenges. She says, and it seems to be so, that he hasn’t filed any. Further she states that Klayman isn’t admitted to the Bar in California, one of the two states where he is supposed to be working. [One cannot help to note that Orly Taitz is not admitted to the bar in Georgia, Texas, or Alabama where she filed cases.]

Taitz raises this concern about Super PACs in general:

Article2superpac also clarified, that the money, that people donated for law suits did not go to the pac, but to their legal fund.  What they are saying, is that they, as a superpac, donate only to education and this is reported and expenditures are disclosed. What you donate to lawsuits, goes to their offshoot Article2superpac legal fund. Apparently there is no disclosure in regards to their legal fund.  They did not disclose, who is on the board of this article2 legal fund, how much of the $25,000 was actually received, who got this money and what did this person/persons do with it.  I got a phone call from George Miller, who stated that  attorney Klayman was not paid, because they did not collect nearly $25,000, that attorney Larry Klayman demanded as a precondition of a deposit for filing any eligibility lawsuits. George Miller did not disclose to me, how much was collected for those law suits and what was done with this money.

Let’s you and him fight.

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6 Responses to Orly attacks Article II Super PAC

  1. Adrien Nash says:

    Whenever there is a lack of disclosure it’s always a sign that things aren’t totally on the up&up. Any good cause can be corrupted by the love of money and in recent years we’ve seen too many heads of charitable organizations turn out to be crooks or grossly overpaid. The fact that they couldn’t find a single attorney to file a case pro bono is a sign of how pathetic the situation is or how lame they seem to solicited attorneys.

  2. Lupin says:

    “Let’s you and him fight” was one of Wimpy’s recurring remarks in the original Popeye strip, as well as “You’re invited for a duck dinner; bring the duck” and “I’ll gladly pay you tuesday for a hamburger today” and (when caught after a mischief) “you must be mistaken my name is Jones and I’m one of the Jones boys”.

    Several years ago Fantagraphics reprinted Segar’s original Popeye strips and it’s a treasure of humor everyone should have. If you don’t look them up on ebay.

  3. RuhRoh says:

    Orly’s got a new post up on her blog. Apparently Klayman wrote to her personally.

    I think that Orly is trying to post specific quotes from Klayman’s email and respond point by point, but it’s very poorly organized. I only go to Orly’s site on my phone, making her lengthier posts even more difficult to read.

    It seems that Klayman is saying that he is working on the CA case with another attorney who actually is licensed in CA.

    There’s also something about Klayman filing pro se, but as that quote has no context, it’s impossible to understand if or where Klayman plans to file a pro se action.

  4. G says:

    Ahh… yet another example of the flawed thinking you folks limit yourself to. You fail because you leap to these unsupportable “definitive” conclusions.

    It is valid to say that a lack of disclosure COULD be a sign that things aren’t on the up and up.

    It most certainly is NOT definitive. What you wrote is simply an unsupportable conclusion and thereofore utter nonense.

    Again, you show that your mind is incapable of distinguishing between mere speculation and being able to make and evaluate actual factual statements. Hence, why you end up being both wrongheaded and wrong about things so much…

    Adrien Nash: Whenever there is a lack of disclosure it’s always a sign that things aren’t totally on the up&up.

  5. Sef says:

    Adrien Nash: Whenever there is a lack of disclosure it’s always a sign that things aren’t totally on the up&up.

    So why is Orly hiding her birth certificate and naturalization certificate (if she really has one)?

  6. donna says:

    more leaks in the birther love boat

    Taitz ‘Worse Enemy’ To Birthers Than Obama


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