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Do not speak ill of the dead

Today at the Arpaio press conference, Jerome Corsi had warm words for Andrew Breitbart, whose death was announced today. Jerome Corsi said:

And first, if you’ll permit me, I want to express my personal sadness at the passing of Andrew Breitbart, a fellow reporter. I would like express sympathy for Joseph Farah and the entire staff. Andrew Breitbart was a courageous friend who we all admired and we greatly miss him.

This is what Breitbart said about WorldNetDaily hawking the birth certificate issue:

“It’s self-indulgent, it’s narcissistic, it’s a losing issue,” Breitbart told Schilling. “It’s a losing situation. If you don’t have the frigging evidence — raising the question? You can do that to Republicans all day long. You have to disprove that you’re a racist! Forcing them to disprove something is a nightmare.”

Read the whole exchange that later on involves Joseph Farah at The Washington Independent.


3 Responses to Do not speak ill of the dead

  1. Paul Pieniezny March 2, 2012 at 5:22 am  (Quote) #

    Doc, you misspelled Breitbart in the Quote of the Day.

  2. Horus March 2, 2012 at 9:43 am  (Quote) #

    None of the blogs are allowing negative comments about this slug.

  3. J. Potter March 3, 2012 at 12:19 am  (Quote) #

    By adopting a groupthink policy of “my party right or wrong”, the right has unleashed a monster by pulling the teeth out of societal norms. Groups police themselves, create, maintain, and enforce morality by praising productive behavior (“good”), and punishing counterproductive behavior (“evil”). It seems the only actions punishable in the eyes of the rightwing are any deemed to constitute treachery. Other than “going over to the side”, there is no evil. There are no checks on extreme behavior when the worst one has to fear from one’s peers is silence.

    Try raising children along those lines.

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