Obama legalizes marijuana by executive order


I wanted to call attention to obamasnippets.com and their spoofs of President Obama, because one of their 2010 video spoofs where Obama says he was born (not really) in Kenya is making the rounds again, only with the “spoof” disclaimer scrubbed.

“The YouTubes are infallible, “ Leo Berman.

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4 Responses to Obama legalizes marijuana by executive order

  1. Thrifty says:

    The ObamaSnippets guy did one where Barack Obama said he wouldn’t run for reelection in 2012. This time he went out of his way to make it look jumpy and fake. He’d said it was because he was tired of his videos being taken seriously.

  2. US Citizen says:

    Consider what kind of person takes a pic and removes a disclaimer like that.
    Dishonest? Willing to win at any cost?
    I suppose such pics take on a life of their own once distributed, but I have to wonder about the type of person that initially sends one out after editing it.

  3. US Citizen says:

    I just realized their videos, but the same thing applies.

  4. US Citizen says:

    They’re not their. Someone shoot me…

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