Obama impersonator addresses birther questions

In one one of those media events where I was somewhere else and glad of it, Obama impersonator Phil Cambre (known as “The Prez”) and journalist impersonator Jerome Corsi appeared on the show of talk show host impersonator George Jarkesy  to discuss whether someone (not sure if it’s “The Prez” or the President) is a natural born citizen.

Corsi is scheduled to be back on the show May 3.

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One Response to Obama impersonator addresses birther questions

  1. J. Potter says:

    Heh, so transparent, the sidebars and ads tell you all you need to know…

    Jarkesy’s Polls

    Do You Think Gas Will Go Above $5 a Gallon in 2012??

    YES (52%, 111 Votes)
    NO (30%, 64 Votes)
    MORE LIKE $6 (18%, 39 Votes)

    Total Voters: 214




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