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The new version of Windows Live is out and it gives me a chance to try out the new Internal Use Only feature of the blog.

This is for Jim, Alan and Mike: Uncle George has been on my back to get a better name for the Obot Super PAC. I’ve been pushing “Americans for a Rational Future” but he thinks it’s too “preachy” sounding, and I can’t disagree –well, who can disagree with Uncle George 😉 Any way, we need to get cracking so our FEC filing will go unnoticed among all the college students starting their own super PACs using the Stephen Colbert kit. Virtually unlimited funds is no joke.

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21 Responses to Super PAC

  1. Daniel says:

    I didn’t see any of that. In particular I didn’t see the part about disagreeing with Uncle George…

  2. Andrew says:

    Why the blank post?

  3. El Diablo Negro says:

    I was good as Super PACman


  4. GLaB says:

    I don’t know anything about Uncle George, so instead of a warning how about I chip in a name suggestion –

    “People Without Pods”

  5. GLaB says:

    By the way …

    If this message is supposed to be “Internal Use Only” – it needs some work.

  6. Majority Will says:

    “Americans for a Rational Future”


    That’s almost as good as CREEP.

  7. Bob says:

    At this point I’d settle for Americans For The Occasional, Half-way Sane Discussion.

  8. Thomas Brown says:

    Brave Liberals In Service To Excellent Reasoning PAC.

    Or “Blister Pac” for short.

  9. Thomas Brown says:

    Fighting All Negative Nonsense In Elections PAC.

    Or Fannie Pac for short.

  10. Thomas Brown says:

    Basic Acts of Conscious Kindness?

    Bicameral Alliance for Common Knowledge?

    Birthright Association for Constitutional Kinship?

  11. Jim says:

    Opposing Birthers And Moving America PAC

  12. misha says:

    Majority Will: “Americans for a Rational Future” ARF?

    “Arf, arf.” – ‘I want to ride inside.’

    Dogs Against Romney –

  13. J. Potter says:

    Making a play on my Phrase That Must Be Banned ….

    “Take Our Country Barack”

  14. Evil Saint says:

    The “Instead of putting money into campaigns, put it in to jobs.” PAC

  15. Wile says:

    ICE PAC…

    “International Conspirators Entente”

    RAT PAC…

    “Revolutionary Alinsky Tacticians”


    “Americans For The Eventual Return To A Saner Tomorrow…Eventually.”

  16. Michael Heuss says:

    OOh! Oh! I wanna play too….

    Soros’ Nubile Obot Weasels PAC
    Senile Noob Obot Witnesses PAC
    People Organized (for) Ostentatious Purgery PAC
    Black Angry “Christian” Kenyans PAC
    Lowdown Unlawful Non-Constitutional Huckster PAC
    People Arranged Legally (for) Indecent Nondemocracy PAC

    Yeah. I got nothin’.

  17. Paul says:

    Majority Will: “Americans for a Rational Future” ARF?That’s almost as good as CREEP.

    How about “Working Open-mindedly for Our Future,” or WOOF?

    I’m sorry, but I always go back to Seamus on the roof.

  18. Welsh Dragon says:

    There’s always:


    (That’s one of my politer ideas!)

  19. Majority Will says:

    Paul: How about “Working Open-mindedly for Our Future,” or WOOF?

    I’m sorry, but I always go back to Seamus on the roof.

    Rally Up Furry Friends

  20. katahdin says:

    Freak Out Old Whitey

  21. Bob says:

    OT/Hey Birthers:

    The BBC reports that one of the presidential candidates in Egypt was disqualified because his mother had an American passport.

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