Orly loses appeal in Dunn case

When Orly Taitz ran for California’s Secretary of State, she challenged the eligibility of fellow Republican Candidate Damon Dunn. She claimed the Dunn wasn’t eligible because of a residence requirement. The court rejected that claim and now OC Weekly reporter R. Scott Moxley writes that an appeals court agrees and has assessed costs to Orly Taitz. Why Taitz pressed the appeal after losing the election to another candidate escapes me.

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8 Responses to Orly loses appeal in Dunn case

  1. ASK Esq says:

    In Orly’s world, had she won the nomination, she would have won the general election. I wonder if she would have brought suit about that if she had somehow won this action.

  2. realist says:

    The opinion in that appeal is worth a read. It highlights all the things Taitz regularly does wrong in all her “cases”.

    It is a great smackdown….


  3. The Magic M says:

    ASK Esq: I wonder if she would have brought suit about that if she had somehow won this action.

    Of course she would. You can also bet birthers will try to object to any future US President, claiming that he would never have been elected if only the big Obama conspiracy would’ve been uncovered. After all, we all know that once this happens, the next three Presidents will be Joe Arpaio, Tom McLeran and Orly Taitz. 😉

  4. Dwight Sullivan says:

    Here’s a link to the opinion from the court’s website for those who, like me, have computers that make it almost impossible to access documents posted on scribd:


  5. Majority Will says:

    Dunn and done.

  6. BillTheCat says:

    Dunn dunn dunnnnnnn!

  7. Andrew Vrba says:

    I guess you could say that Dunn…*puts on shades* ….is done.

  8. Sef says:

    Many comments have been made about Orly’s ability to pass the CA Bar Exam. For additional information the Taft Law School website says she passed the bar in July 2002. The CA state bar website says that no first-time takers from Taft passed the bar in July 2002 and that 3 of the 16 repeaters passed. So, to no ones surprise, Orly did not pass the bar the first time.


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