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Somebody was complaining in a comment that I shouldn’t spend all my time going after the Cold Case Posse. Actually, I don’t spend all my time doing that. I spent an extremely enjoyable afternoon today with Ms. Conspiracy watching The Dark Knight Rises at the theater after a nice lunch at a local restaurant. Both were excellent. This morning I did some real work on my part-time software contract and finished up a major milestone. I did some stuff outside, took some steps towards getting a property tax issue corrected. Yesterday, of course, I was tied up getting my air conditioning repaired.

So I do lots of other things; however, the side effect of not spending all my time on birther stuff is that when birthers get busy, I get behind, as I am now.

I wanted to write a retrospective on the Cold Case Posse articles I published over the weekend, and that takes up the next paragraph.

I made a strong attack on the Cold Case Posse and pursued it vigorously. Frankly, I had the delusional hope that if birthers could be shown a bald-faced lie from one of their darlings, that they might start paying more attention to details and evidence. That is of course silly, as I learned from comments on YouTube. Birthers believe their own, not evidence. They will make up a convenient lie or spin it, and birthers will believe as they always have. They have been led to believe that nothing the Obots say is credible.

Let me talk about experts for a minute. WorldNetDaily already misrepresented one credentialed expert who looked at the long-form birth certificate back in 2011, Ivan Zatkovich. Zatkovich responded by publishing himself the report commissioned by WND, but never published by them. Instead WND cherry picked quotes from the report to make it sound like the Obama’s PDF was highly suspicious.  However, there is some truth to what Mike Zullo said about experts being unwilling to touch the long form. Two credentialed experts I’ve heard from are appalled by the birthers. It is no wonder they don’t want to tarnish their reputations by being associated with crackpot and conspiracy theorists–look at what WND did to Zatkovich! Frankly, I don’t blame the experts for keeping clear of the Cold Case Posse and the rest of them. Birtherism is and has never been a serious inquiry.

Speaking of “ugly business,” Phoenix TV Station KPHO (CBS 5) has published an article titled: Cold Case Posse violated MCSO Code of Conduct. This was based on the admission by Mike Zullo that he had received money from the sale of the Posse results in the form of Corsi’s book (which based on Zullo’s 50% split didn’t sell very well). I don’t know whether the ethics claim is valid or not, because despite what birthers believe, Mike Zullo holds no official position with the County. Previously, a referral was filed with the IRS regarding the tax-exempt status of the Cold Case Posse over this same and other issues.

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that the Internet domain was available. It’s not any more. I received a note in email that there is now a web site there with anti-birther articles. Check out the video by Foggy there.

Finally, I plan being on the second hour of the Reality Check radio program this evening to talk about birth codes in Hawaii. If you’ve read my articles up to this point, you won’t learn anything new from me, but you might from someone else. Jerry Collette will be featured in the first hour.

I’m way behind reading emails and comments on the blog, but I’m catching up.

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5 Responses to Catching up

  1. Benji Franklin says:

    Doc, It’s a badge of honor for us that we keep expecting the Birthers to succumb at some point to intellectual integrity, and that we keep imagining that they have a collective conscience that could return to honest discourse and momentarily out-wrestle their hatred for Obama. What’s so appalling about their conduct, is that there is a sense in which honest discourse is a prerequisite for any generation to “keep the Republic, Maam!” The Birthers are intentionally intellectual anarchists attacking effective discourse – turning every discussion into a misleading food-fight of lies and equivocation. Their arguments are silly, but their activities, like all forms of anarchy, are dangerous because they begin by rejecting sanity as a necessary threshold of serious argument. The Framers would be disgusted by such antics; no framing could have proceeded in such an intellectually bankrupt environment.

  2. So the radio show is over. Jerry Collette argued his point that his case was properly brought in Pasco county. Jerry cites a case, Tucker v. Fianson, that might be read to support his contention, but on the other hand might be considered to be different. I do want to paste this bit from another Florida District Court decision that summarizes where venue belongs, Soowall v. Marden.

    Since a suit for declaratory relief does not of itself constitute a cause of action for the purpose of activating the venue statute, it is the underlying relief sought which determines venue. The Florida Companies v. BFA Corp.,424 So.2d 48 (Fla. 3d DCA 1982); Windsor v. Migliaccio,399 So.2d 65 (Fla. 5th DCA 1981). For venue purposes in a contract action, a cause of action accrues where the contract is breached. Orange Blossom Enterprises, Inc. v. Brumlik,430 So.2d 13 (Fla. 5th DCA 1983); Vital Industries, Inc. v. Burch,423 So.2d 1023 (Fla. 4th DCA 1982); Windsor v. Migliaccio, supra, 399 So.2d at 66. For venue purposes in a tort action, a cause of action is deemed to accrue where the act creating the right to bring an action occurred. E.J. Sales & Service, Inc. v. Southeast First National Bank of Miami,415 So.2d 906 (Fla. 3d DCA 1982); Gaboury v. Flagler Hospital, Inc.,316 So.2d 642 (Fla. 4th DCA 1975).

    Jerry’s case is both an action for declaratory relief and a tort claim for damages.

    I am not a judge and so I don’t have to have an opinion.

  3. John Reilly says:

    Doc, two points:

    Experts are irrelevant to the birth certificate issue. The State of Hawaii says the birth certificate is genuine. The state cannot forge its own documents. I cannot conceive of a case where experts even get called. IANAL, but I am an expert in my field, and I testify from time to time. I listen to and participate in the debates about what my proper role is.

    Birthers are not only intellectually dishonest, but they wish to criminalize disagreement. That is why they charge everyone who disagrees with treason. They not only disagree with your opinions, but, given the hance, they would open up FEMA camps and round up the lot of us.

  4. G says:

    So unfortunately sad, yet so true… these cretins would eagerly impose fascism and worse if they got power and could get away with it…

    John Reilly: Birthers are not only intellectually dishonest, but they wish to criminalize disagreement. That is why they charge everyone who disagrees with treason. They not only disagree with your opinions, but, given the hance, they would open up FEMA camps and round up the lot of us.

  5. bgansel9 says:

    From the KPHO article Doc linked in this post:

    “If employees are allowed to just generate their own interest, write their own books, sell their own products, it just destroys the public trust,” said William de la Torre, a retired Phoenix police sergeant with 24 years on the force.”

    Yes, yes it does, and the public trust is now broken.

    Thank you Doc for pointing me to this article. I missed it.

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