Detail from Barack Obama's birth certificate showing August 4, 1961

Yes, August 4 again, Barack Obama’s birthday. What amazes me is that while just about every aspect of Barack Obama’s life is denied by birthers, one fact, the August 4 date, has not been questioned. Even the fake birth certificates carry the official date.

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6 Responses to HBTY, HBTY, HBDB, HBTY

  1. myson says:

    Happy birthday President Obama from your peeps in Lagos (help pass it along)

  2. nbc says:

    At least one newspaper suggested that it was August 5. What’s our President hiding?…

  3. Northland10 says:

    Give ’em time. They’ll go there.

  4. richCares says:

    get with it folks, Obama is set to repeal gravity!

  5. Jamese777 says:

    I’ve seen comments on birther web sites that use the term “purported” birth date.
    “purported” and “misprision of felony/treason” are two favorite birther catch phrases.

  6. The Magic M says:

    > one fact, the August 4 date, has not been questioned

    I was actually surprised when birthers didn’t jump (some did, but most ignored it) after the verification that Bennett got from Hawaii did not explicitly verify the birth date (but the birth time).
    Now the “official” explanation was that Hawaii only verified what Bennett specifically asked for, but why did he ask for verification of time but not date?
    If I were a birther, I’d be all over “the smoking gun is that he was born before Hawaii was a state”. 😉

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