Not counting the iPhone

I sort of take for granted the fact that a number of this blog’s readers use mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets. I just discovered that the site statistics don’t count folks viewing the site through the mobile theme, and fixed it. In case you haven’t visited the site this way, here’s what the mobile version from an iPhone looks like:


Screen Shot of Mobile Theme images from iPhone

Menu items on the site are limited with the mobile theme. If you have a particular menu item you’d like to see included, let me know – there’s room for a few more.

While on the subject of site statistics, something new has appeared this past month: the percentage of new visitors has surged to over 50%. I started the site so that folks who were starting out searching for Obama conspiracy stuff would hit solid well-sourced information first, so in one sense it’s a mark of success, but I would prefer that folks weren’t interested in birthers in the first place. Overall traffic is up too (40% more Unique Visitors), likely a result of interest stimulated by the upcoming election.


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5 Responses to Not counting the iPhone

  1. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    Mobile devices frighten and confuse me!
    Much in the same way facts frighten and confuse birthers.

  2. MN-Skeptic says:

    The mobile theme sometimes works on my iPod Touch, but mostly not. I liked it the times which it worked for me, but I did notice that when there were lots of comments to read, Safari would abruptly terminate. I could only read the articles with 100+ comments (I forget the exact number) by turning off the mobile theme.

  3. Northland10 says:

    I tend to shut down the mobile theme as it is hard to quote in mobile. Since I generally use Google Reader or even the Word Press app reader when mobile, I probably would not show In the numbers.

  4. The Magic M says:

    MN-Skeptic: I could only read the articles with 100+ comments (I forget the exact number) by turning off the mobile theme.

    Thanks for the tip. I had that problem as well.

  5. Keith says:

    I used my Android phone on my 4hr train trip back to town today. I had no trouble reading or navigating. Worked great. I didn’t try to post any comments though. I hate the effing on-screen keyboards.

    The screen is a bit small too, can you get me a tablet instead of the phone?

    P.S. I really wish HP hadn’t killed off Palm. They really had the clamshell keyboard worked out. I always liked the PalmOS too and its newest version seemed to be pretty darn good; but really, Android might have kicked it to the curb from sheer weight of numbers. Anyway…

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