Obama, the Greatest President in the History of Everything: a book review

Unless you have a properly functioning snark detector, you might not have been alerted that Obama, the Greatest President in the History of Everything is not an enthusiastic endorsement of President Barack Obama. In fact it is a snarking put down of Obama supporters, rather like the way comedian Stephen Colbert puts down Republicans by pretending to be one, but one so over the top as to invite ridicule.

Take for example this bit from the book:

For Obama is truly something beyond mortal man. He exudes a calm serenity that made him the first person ever to win a Nobel Peace Prize just for existing.

Fleming, Frank J. (2011-11-15). Obama (Kindle Locations 42-46). Harper Collins, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

I should make it clear, however, that this is not a birther book, based on:

Early on, Obama realized it was his job to restore and unite the world, and to do that, he would have to become a leader of a nation. So he considered all the nations out there and decided to become the leader of the U.S., as it was the only one for which he was legally eligible.

Ibid. (Kindle Locations 53-55)


All we know  for certain is that he was born in the U.S. and was never at any point technically a Muslim.

Ibid. (Kindle Location 52).

Despite being on the skewering end of this parody of support for Barack Obama, I thought it was funny, particularly savoring this comment describing Sarah Palin as:

… a crazed Amazon from the north whose heart was filled with moose-murder.

Ibid. (Kindle Location 91).

The only caveat is that it is hard to call something this short a "book." It’s more like the length of an article in The Scientific American magazine and you can be done with it in 30 minutes.

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