Obama and gay roommate traveled to Mars

Image credit: Comedy CentralAn old story takes on new significance in the light of the fact that Comedy Central discovered it. The gold band worn on the left hand of President Obama long before he was married was declared by Jerome Corsi in a YouTube video as proof that Obama was gay. (We’ll ignore for narrative sake that he now claims the ring means Obama is Muslim).

We had a hugely popular discussion earlier in the year on my article “Is Obama a Marsist?” and it’s comment overflow article. Now conservative pundit Stephen Colbert has taken up the baton in his “This Changes Everything” series (3:45 in the video). With interviews and exclusive footage, Colbert provides shocking new evidence and expert testimony by Captain James T. Kirk that Obama teleported to mars.

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8 Responses to Obama and gay roommate traveled to Mars

  1. El Diablo Negro says:

    You know, after smoking some “medical” marijuana and eating 12 twinkies, it all makes sense.

    Captain James T. Kirk is metrosexual.

  2. foreigner says:

    Doc, you are sounding ridiculous now

  3. CarlOrcas says:

    foreigner: Doc, you are sounding ridiculous now

    Can you prove he didn’t go to Mars? Absent that I think we have to look further into this.

  4. Wile says:

    Doc, you are sounding ridiculous now

    But how will we ever know for sure?

    Easiest would be to ask Obama.

  5. Paper says:

    Even Stephen Colbert seems to fall for the easy answer, unfortunately. Not surprising as he relied upon Jerome Corsi, who is someone who might even think his shoelaces are al dente spaghetti if that would make the President look bad. But it was not a gay marriage. Barack Obama married a Martian princess back in his younger, teleporting days. This guy who was his top secret roommate was his best man at his Martian wedding. That is the real story. Meaning? He has two wives like his father. A Martian wife, and an Earth wife. And here is the kicker. No one can prove Michelle Obama is the one from Earth. Chew on that mixed allegiance, Birthers.

  6. Jim says:

    Doc, you are sounding ridiculous now

    The funny part, foreigner, is it isn’t Doc. There are actual people who are allowed to vote who believe this stuff. In the Rhodes case in Georgia, the judge got a letter claiming that the president was an alien from outer space. There are many other examples of how truly delusional these folks are.

  7. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    Doc, you are sounding ridiculous now

    Apparently the fine art of satire is beyond your grasp.

  8. JPotter says:

    foreigner: Doc, you are sounding ridiculous now

    Congratulations, you noticed the point … and still managed to miss it!

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