Obama birth certificate found in Kansas?

I found this at the KAKE station web site, a comment on Orly Taitz and her Kansas lawsuit against Obama. Weird. Hyperlinks added.

Ms. Taitz knows full well that the president is eligible due to his birth in Topeka Ks. she knows it from me. I’m pretty sure the Sec of the state of Ks did find his birth certificate at Forbes air Force base Hospital back on 9/14/12 when I filed and affidavit with them and spent time via phone with them as they checked data bases. under the read dad’s name and other info i was able to provide as my mother, Florence hardy took her to the hospital. I also sated that I have no knowledge the president knew who filed the Hawaii records as I assumed his maternal grandmother did that as by the Fall of 1963, the ‘ fake bio’ was in place. Since I can not be told what they dd or did not find; I’ve sent e-mails to white house and campaign of my postings on my sites since 7/26/12 and details labeled Daily Recap for each day since of details and back ground. as of 1/71, i was stopped from mentioning Topeka Ks to him when we were both at another cousin’s house at Mercer island, WA. The staff in Ks may a comment: WE DON’T THINK HE KNOWS. If Ms Taitz’s motivation is to get all the facts out in the open, finally; I applaud her efforts. The gossip frenzy that has swirled around for the last several years has made it very difficult for eye witnesses to come forward. personally, I;m concerned bout the three unsolved murders and attempted murder of the president’s mother and unborn child on the banks of the Kansas River brought on by another gossip frenzy over an interracial couple in the midst of the struggles for integration. This is how my parents were asked to take charge of a 15 year old pregnant great niece, not because she needed help, but to shut up a witness that would not stop searching for bodies that had gone under the water and authorities didn’t want to know. Much later they did wash up on a sand bar according to the Topeka Journal.. Ann died still subject to be called as a witness if any trial was ever to occur. Read more on Linda Joy Adams at face book or linked to Linda Joy Adams @ blogger.com or twitter is linked too. We are forgetting what is was really like in this country when real terrorist came in the middle of the night wearing white sheets and too often the authorities were either part of them or too afraid to stand up to them. The gossip frenzy stopped as soon as the deaths occurred and the whole incident has been written out of the history of the City and Topeka HS. Rumor has it that other bodies went into that river and never washed up. Part of the ‘disappeared’ of this nation. We can’t forget the past,. We need to face it and over come it. That’s needed before we can move forward to a time where no one is ever allowed to commit these kinds of acts again against any group or person nor wants to..

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8 Responses to Obama birth certificate found in Kansas?

  1. John Reilly says:

    There are an endless number of people with their own fantasies. Birthers were able to create a critical mass to spread their lies. I think it was Judge Land who cataloged some of the more outlandish claims he heard while the case was pending before him.

    Sometime back I reported a conversation with a former U S Attorney here in Indiana. He said that the President–any president–gets sued every day, and the most junior assistant is assigned to deal with these cases.

    So now we have someone with a new delusion.

  2. jayHG says:

    Wow….and huh????

  3. RuhRoh says:

    She’s been hitting the comments section of many birther articles lately. Even the hardcore birthers find her too kooky to bring into the fold. She even gets the cold shoulder at WND.

  4. Paul Pieniezny says:

    She has obviously been eating too many baby carrots.

    Of course, no one is really interested in this lunacy within a delusion theory. It would firmly establish eligibility. Oh, wait Donofrio is still around.

  5. realist says:

    That person has been spreading that lunacy for a few months now, IIRC. I’ve yet to see one birther who thinks it’s legit, which is saying something.

    Yet, they buy butterdezillion’s BS, which is just as loony.

  6. GeorgetownJD says:

    Proof that not all nuts are grown in trees.

  7. G says:

    Every time I’ve seen this type of writing style screed, it was because the writer was manic and severely mentally ill.

  8. The Magic M says:

    RuhRoh: She even gets the cold shoulder at WND.

    Of course. Any theory that would make Obama legally eligible without making him also totally inacceptable (as the FMD/Malcolm X theories) is evil incarnate in Birtherverse.

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