Off to “Oz”

I’m heading off to the undisclosed location code-named “Oz” tomorrow and will be hobnobbing with my fellow wizards this weekend. Not much blogging anticipated.


I’m really looking to the advanced practical Obottery seminars and sharing war stories with other Obots. I haven’t heard anything yet as to whether Jim Johnson, former chairman of Fannie Mae, will be able to make it.

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I'm not a real doctor, but I have a master's degree.
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9 Responses to Off to “Oz”

  1. donna says:

    you’re leaving us home alone AGAIN without adult supervision?

    i hear the pitter patter of birther tinfoil as i type this

  2. Thrifty says:

    Watch your back. That Ryan O’Reilly is a real manipulative bastard. They’re all pretty mean sons of bitches, but Ryan is just…. extra manipulative.

  3. richCares says:

    did you invite the “Wicked Witch”? (Orly the wicked witch), will you sing her song?

  4. Off to “Thunder Mountain” in just a bit.

  5. Dave B. says:

    Doc, you take time off from blogging like John Woodman retires.

  6. I am following the Yellow Brick Road but the journey has been long and arduous. I hope to arrive in Emerald City tomorrow.

  7. Whatever4 says:

    Oz is in color! I may get some on my toes tomorrow.

  8. By the way, I have assigned the coded name for tomorrow’s undisclosed location to site to “Potemkin.”

    Oz is in color! I may get some on my toes tomorrow.

  9. JPotter says:

    Dr. Conspiracy: “Potemkin.”

    I feel like I look like that guy when I stumble on the Stupid.

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