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Psychologists explain why people believe false stories about Obama’s birthplace, and what to do about it

There have been a number of articles written by professionals examining the birther phenomenon. A group of  them appeared in the New York Times in a series called “The Psychology of the ‘Birther’ myth.”

Now an article in the journal Psychological Science in the Public Interest,Misinformation and Its Correction: Continued Influence and Successful Debiasing,” tackles several examples of public misinformation, including false stories about Obama’s birthplace and gives recommendations on the more effective ways to combat misinformation.

The following chart from the paper summarizes the practical approaches to explain and combat misinformation (click to enlarge):

Give it a read and let’s talk about it.


Obama denies Indonesian citizenship

Birthers speculate based on the words “Nationality: Indonesian” on a school registration form that Barack Obama was adopted by his step father, Lolo Soetoro, and by an impossible application of Indonesian law, became an Indonesian citizen.

Previously, the US Department of State in the case of Strunk  v. U. S. Department of State denied that Barack Obama was adopted by Soetoro and

To the extent this paragraph alleges that President Obama is not a natural-born citizen of the United States or that President Obama is or ever was a citizen of Indonesia, those allegations are denied. (Page 8)

One might expect the US State Department to know about such things, and I have taken this statement as authoritative; however, one might want to hear this from a source who is definitely in a position to know the details, and one such person is Barack Obama himself. Now we have that in the form of a the August 9 “answer of Barack Obama” in the Kentucky ballot challenge of House v. Obama. Barack Obama, through his attorney, J. Scott Wantland, once and for all denies that he was ever a citizen of Indonesia.

Obama denies ever becoming an Indonesian citizen.

So, rational reader, if you ever wondered about this question, now you know.


Top of the week

Todd House

Todd House

Good morning from rainy South Carolina. Today we’ll be looking for news from the Kentucky ballot challenge hearing of House v. Obama to see if any entertainment value is to be found in the replay of a lawsuit that has been lost more times than I can readily count. That hearing was scheduled to start about 30 minutes ago. See Motion to Dismiss and Proposed Order from the Kentucky Secretary of State, and State Board of Elections and the answer from President Obama.

Update: The Obama Ballot Challenge web site reports:

Dr. Todd House informed me that he withdrew his case under threat of Rule 11 sanctions, but you might not have heard the last of him. I’ll save that for when Todd is ready.

Our opposition can’t win in a fair fight, so they resort to Obama Chicago tactics. Look up how Obama won some of his past elections.

For you Obots who say his case was frivolous, look up Obama’s forged birth certificate, forged draft registration, stolen Social Security numbers, lack of natural born citizenship, numerous felony fraud acts, etc.  Not frivolous.  He hasn’t provided a shred of valid, legal evidence of eligibility.

Just moments ago the Supreme Court issued its orders for last week, and we  see the ballot challenge cases of Judy and Welden denied cert.

I’m personally excited about the big meeting this weekend at an undisclosed location (codenamed “Denver”). The latest I have is that George Soros will not be attending.


Birther Tim Adams announces support for Obama

The lesser of two evils

Tim AdamsTim Adams (right) made a big splash in 2010 when he appeared on a white supremacist radio show, Political Cesspool, telling a story about Barack Obama’s birth certificate, or lack thereof. Adams was a contractor and “chief clerk” for the Honolulu Elections Division and he claimed that Barack Obama had no Hawaiian birth certificate. In various follow-up statements and interviews, including one on Reality Check Radio in which I participated, Adams backed down on some of what he said after it was found that his office had no access to Hawaiian birth records, but he still maintained that Obama had no Hawaiian birth certificate although he says he thinks Obama was born in the US, somewhere else than Hawaii.

Adams is cited in birther lawsuits and remains a star in the birther sky, but now he’s come out with a YouTube video in support of Barack Obama for President in 2012.

It’s hard to tell just what Tim Adams is really about, particularly after his Master’s Thesis appeared putting himself in the role of a gonzo journalist.

Adams’ rationale for supporting Obama can be summed up in two words, “Romney / Ryan.” Romney, he believes, is part of the David Rockefeller legacy of corporate internationalists. We don’t actually see the “one world government Bilderberger Illuminati” conspiracy theories here, but I think that’s where he’s pointing.

Here’s his video:

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