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Todd House

Todd House

Good morning from rainy South Carolina. Today we’ll be looking for news from the Kentucky ballot challenge hearing of House v. Obama to see if any entertainment value is to be found in the replay of a lawsuit that has been lost more times than I can readily count. That hearing was scheduled to start about 30 minutes ago. See Motion to Dismiss and Proposed Order from the Kentucky Secretary of State, and State Board of Elections and the answer from President Obama.

Update: The Obama Ballot Challenge web site reports:

Dr. Todd House informed me that he withdrew his case under threat of Rule 11 sanctions, but you might not have heard the last of him. I’ll save that for when Todd is ready.

Our opposition can’t win in a fair fight, so they resort to Obama Chicago tactics. Look up how Obama won some of his past elections.

For you Obots who say his case was frivolous, look up Obama’s forged birth certificate, forged draft registration, stolen Social Security numbers, lack of natural born citizenship, numerous felony fraud acts, etc.  Not frivolous.  He hasn’t provided a shred of valid, legal evidence of eligibility.

Just moments ago the Supreme Court issued its orders for last week, and we  see the ballot challenge cases of Judy and Welden denied cert.

I’m personally excited about the big meeting this weekend at an undisclosed location (codenamed “Denver”). The latest I have is that George Soros will not be attending.

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  1. The Magic M says:

    > The latest I have is that George Soros will not be attending.

    He will however send the guy who taped Romney’s “47% comment” to make sure everybody stays on party line. 😉

  2. This article has been updated to include a report that Todd House withdrew his lawsuit.

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