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Archive | October, 2012

Disaster relief

HurricaneSandraAs Hurricane Sandy pummels the eastern United States, one might consider a donation to the American Red Cross.

One apparent victim of the hurricane is the Orly Taitz web site, which is hosted in the eye of the storm, and has been down all day. Without her web site Taitz is unable to communicate with the participants in her lawsuits, and to carry on her legal practice.

Obama Conspiracy Theories, reaching across the aisle in a gesture of compassion, is republishing this from Orly Taitz, knowing that some of her followers read this site too.

My web site is down
The e-mail address of my expert, Mr. Paul Irey, was hacked and is being used to send stupid advertisement.
The regime might be afraid that Judge Reid will rule against them today or tomorrow
I need other people’s web site to communicate with my supporters, please post.
1. I need to reach Charles Woods, father of slain officer Tyrone Woods
2. There are 10 people from swing states, who wrote to me that they want to join my multi state case, I need to reestablish contact with them. these people are from NV, OH, MI, WI, IA, PA, FL
Please, advertise on your web sites that they can reach me by phone 949-683-5411 and write tot (sic)
3. I have a hearing today in CA state court on Obama challenge and refiling the Fed. case
4. Judge Reid’s ruling is expected today


When is a birther not a birther?

"Vote for the American" bumper sticker There’s been some buzz about the appearance of bumper stickers on Thrifty Rental cars in Buffalo, NY. The stickers say: “Vote for the AMERICAN.”

Thrifty franchise operator, and former candidate for Governor of New York, Carl Paladino says: “I’m not a birther.” He explains his decision to make a statement by saying that the President just acts un-American; however, tweets and an email from Paladino suggests otherwise:

Obamas authentic birth certificate from Coast Memorial Hospital , in Mombasa , KENYA . Now the task is to get the courts to authenticate it and then kick Obama out of office, something they are loathe to do.

So to answer the question: a birther is not a birther when they are a cowardly lying piece of excrement on the bottom of your boot.

imageThrifty Corporate HQ says that is their policy not to have political advertisements on the cars. Who knows what they are saying to Mr. Paladino in private? Some Thrifty customers have said that they will never rent from Thrifty again.


No news from Indiana; Orly hacked?

Recovering from the shock of having my social-security number hacked from the South Carolina Department of Revenue database, I tried to get back on track, and went to see if there was any news from Indiana about Orly Taitz’s lawsuit, Taitz v. Elections Commission. Here’s what got I at her web site:

Error establishing a database connection

This message means that the WordPress blog software is active, but that it cannot connect to the content database. That could be hacking, but more likely the database server is down, or perhaps a configuration problem. My experience with this error is that it is typically brief, but Orly’s site has been down at least a couple of hours. I hope it gets up quickly, or Orly will go into withdrawal.


So far, I haven’t found anything new on the lawsuit, except for a note on the Marion County Superior Court docket dated 10/23:


Notice that the word “trial” used in a previous order has been replaced by “hearing.”


Wanna buy an SSN?

While Orly Taitz pushes her silly allegations that Barack Obama stole the social-security number of a single unidentified Connecticut man born in 1890 and who got his card at age 87 (as if such a person even exists), some foreign hacker has stolen 3.6 million social-security numbers from the South Carolina Department of Revenue’s database, under the watch of Republican Governor Nikki Haley, one of the largest security breeches in the nation’s history. The got 387,000 credit and debit card numbers too.

This is the second major breach of confidential information in South Carolina under the Haley administration. 325,000 people’s information was compromised by a break-in at the State Department of Consumer Affairs last year and information from 239,000 Medicare and Medicaid recipients was stolen last April.

I’ve never used a credit card with the SCDOR, but there’s a very good chance I got my SSN stolen.

Surprisingly, it was the Secret Service, not the state agency that detected the intrusion, notifying State Officials on October 10. The State waited until this past Friday to inform the victims. Haley should resign.

[Video no longer available]

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The third party presidential debate 2012

While it is off-topic for this web site, one of the things I believe in, and that I try to foster, is a free and open exchange of ideas. The 2012 Presidential Election is dominated by the candidates of the two major political parties in the United States. I feel that the focus on just two candidates reduces the campaign to differentiation between the those candidates, rather than focusing on a wide range of important issues, and the variety of solutions offered for the many problems that we as Americans face.

For this reason, I am publishing this video recording of the “other” presidential debate, that between Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode, and Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson. (I’d recommend skipping the first 4 minutes of introduction).