Put up or shut up

Phto of Joe Arpaio

What came to mind as I was blowing leaves1 where they clearly did not want to go this afternoon was two investigations, one a criminal civil rights investigation of Sheriff Joe Arpaio by the US Department of Justice, the other Sheriff Arpaio’s investigation of Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

In the former, the Justice Department investigated false charges brought by Arpaio against political opponents in 2009. It is claimed that Arpaio had a judge arrested to prevent him holding a hearing that day that Arpaio thought would go against him. The Justice Department investigation proceeded in a professional manner insofar that the Justice Department did not create a media circus around the ongoing investigation. Nevertheless, criticism was raised because the Department kept the investigation open so long without bringing charges: “put up or shut up.” On September 1, far in advance of the 2012 Sheriff’s election, the Justice Department decided that they didn’t have sufficient evidence to be sure of a conviction, so they shut up and ended the investigation2.

In the latter case, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, at the instigation of a local Tea Party group and anti-Obama author Jerome Corsi, launched an investigation of Barack Obama’s historical documents including his birth certificate and Selective Service registration. In a remarkable departure from normal law enforcement practice, Arpaio gave three public press conferences detailing evidence and conclusions that his volunteer Cold Case Posse had developed, publicizing suspicions that the documents were fake. To date, no charges have been filed. Even if charges were filed against the so-far unnamed person of interest, how could anyone get a fair trial since Arpaio’s public presentations and conclusions have been webcast, YouTubed, blogged, tagged, liked, chain-emailed and Twittered over the entire country? I say it’s long past time for Arpaio to put up or shut up.

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1Leaf blowing creates a different thought environment from mowing: Mowing is more serene and contemplative. Leaf blowing is plain aggravating.

2The reason for ending the investigation stated here is based on reasonable conjecture. A civil lawsuit against Arpaio over the same issues is ongoing.

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8 Responses to Put up or shut up

  1. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    Put up or Shut up?
    I’ve yet to meet a birther who can do either of those things.

  2. Put up or shut up?

    From a Denialist?

    Surely you jest. And stop calling me shirley.

  3. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    Looks I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue…

  4. JPotter says:

    Doc, what kind of mower do you employ: riding or push? if push, gas, electric, or reel?

    If too personal a question, I completely understand.

    Just trying to get on board with the mowing-as-zen angle.

    PS: Arpaio is aggravating, he just sucks. Leaf-blowing is instant gratification …. so long as the ambient air currents are cooperating.

  5. Push. Electric. Corded.

    JPotter: Doc, what kind of mower do you employ: riding or push? if push, gas, electric, or reel?

  6. Tomtech says:

    I use a mulching mower. I wait until after halloween and call the leaves my halloween decorations.

    There are still too many leaves on my front tree but I will “mow” Thursday. This year I will “mow” after all the leaves fall. The mulched leaves have been great for my yard.

    The pecan trees in the back are still are still full of pecans and haven’t dropped leaves so I have to wait until there isn’t any more pecans to pick up, either by the squirrels or myself, but I will “mow” the back when the leaves fall.

    I usually end up “mowing” about once a month through January.

    I haven’t ever fertilized but my yard is thicker and greener than any others in my area.

    PS: Walk behind gas but the lawn can be done in three hours. Rechargeable battery weed eater.

  7. Northland10 says:

    Tomtech: I usually end up “mowing” about once a month through January.

    Through January? Obviously, you live in a place where your mower would not need a snow shovel attachment in November/December (and sometimes October).

  8. alg says:

    By all accounts, it appears that Mr. Arpaio has chosen to shut up. His little public relations stunt has managed to impress almost no one except the nutburgers that brought this silliness to his doorstep in the first place.

    What’s unfortunate is that Sheriff Joke appears to be well on his way to pulling off another election victory in Maricopa County. One wonders if the population there has had too much sun.

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