Shot fired at Obama Denver HQ

The Denver Post reports that a shot was fired at the Denver headquarters of Obama for America, destroying a plate glass storefront window. Workers were in the office when the shooting occurred, but no one was injured. Police have a description of a "possible vehicle of interest."

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Photo credit: Sam Levin

Obviously this is the result of Joel Gilbert’s film Dreams from My Real Father appearing on Netflix.

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3 Responses to Shot fired at Obama Denver HQ

  1. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    I face-palmed when I saw that it was one the list of new stuff.

  2. bovril says:

    Something to be aware of if, as I, you find the entire film a disgusting smear of the presidents mother.

    Gilbert has a series of fetish photographs that he purports and describes as being of Stanley Dunham… an underage girl.

    If they are, Netflix is storing, selling and distributing child pornography, never mind that Gilbert has produced and sold the same.

    Feel free to pass on your concerns as I did to Netflix at 1 800 585 7265

  3. “Obviously this is the result of Joel Gilbert’s film Dreams from My Real Father appearing on Netflix.”

    My concern, as I have repeatedly stated, is if Obama is re-elected – which is most likely. Yes, I have changed that from ‘Obama will be re-elected.’

    I am concerned there will be worse than OK City.

    To Boehner (wink, wink, nudge, nudge), and the rest: J’accuse.

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