Audio of trial in Taitz v. Elections Commission

The Native and Natural Born Citizenship Explored site has an interesting and informative article about this mysterious audio recording posted on YouTube of the trial October 22 in Indianapolis in Taitz v. Elections Commission. This trial was later vacated by Judge S. K. Reid.

Taitz says that it is a legal recording sold by the court reporter to the parties. I reported previously that Taitz sent a copy of this recording to the Court in Mississippi. No one seems to know who uploaded the recording to YouTube. The YouTube version is on the Taitz web site [link to Taitz web site] and there is an unofficial transcript available.

Adding to the mystery is an “Order to Show Cause” issued by the Court with Taitz commanded to appear on Nov. 27. I haven’t been able to find out what this is about either.


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7 Responses to Audio of trial in Taitz v. Elections Commission

  1. RuhRoh says:

    The pilot project referred to in NBC’s article applies to criminal courts in Marion County, not civil, if I read the documents correctly yesterday after seeing the Praise Indy article.

    Wanted to note that the Fogbow has requested that their folks not discuss their legal research into this matter on their site. Not sure why, but I trust they have good reason for that request.

    Doc, if you therefore you feel the posts I made on this last night to the Scanning Orly thread should be removed (or hidden for now), please go right ahead!

  2. Butterfly Bilderberg says:

    BWAHAHAHA!!! Orly Taitz sent a “hot” audio to a federal judge. You just gotta love the ineptitude.

  3. RuhRoh says:

    Actually, she may have sent it to judges in other cases as well!

    From her blogpost of November 14:

    “I forwarded an audio tape of witness testimony in Reid trial to other judges, including Judge Wingate in Mississippi. Other judges should hear what transpired there.”

    Note that she says judges, plural. I figured that she’d eventually distribute the tape to any judge presiding over a case of hers, but hadn’t anticipated that she had already done so.

    I wonder if she is sending it as an exhibit in some sort of “motions for emergency something or others” in cases she has already lost. Didn’t she do that with the GA and NH videos?

  4. Thinker says:

    I think the funniest thing about Orly sending this audio to the judge in Mississippi is that she thinks it helps her case. Just like the Georgia video, this audio demonstrates unequivocally that she has no idea what she’s doing and that she has no evidence at all to back up her ridiculous claims.

  5. RuhRoh says:

    Orly is not discussing the OSC hearing. I left a comment asking about it a while back and she also refused to publish or answer it. 🙁

  6. Arthur says:

    I listened to portions of the tape while reading the transcript. I’m amazed that Orly, after so many appearances in court, seems to have learned nothing about the rules of evidence, how to conduct direct examination, or even how to respond to an objection.The fact that many birthers still consider her their savior demonstrates how hate clouds common sense. No wonder that “Two Minutes of Hate” was a daily ritual in 1984.

  7. John Reilly says:

    Dr. Taitz has published on her web site her letter to Judge Reid with respect to the OSC.

    The letter is very restrained. It does not threaten Judge Reid with prosecution for treason.

    Other than that, the letter, from beginning to end, is full of contempt for the court.

    Maybe Judge Reid wlll be persuaded, and enjoin Indiana from certifying its electoral votes for Gov. Romney. How that helps anyone is beyond me.

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