Orly’s patty cakes arrive in court

Oh my!

imageSome of you may recall a few years back that a series of paintings of Orly Taitz in which she appears nude holding a stack of pancakes dripping syrup on her nether regions went around the Internet. There was some ambiguity in the image where one might view the pancakes as a placenta and the stream of syrup an umbilical cord. I didn’t publish the images, considering them it unsuitable for this site. One of the tamer parts of one image appears right, cropped to remove some naughty bits.

Those images are the last thing I expected to see in a court filing, but lo and behold there they were in all their gory glory in Orly Taitz’ latest “Supplemental Brief” (PDF) in Taitz v. Democrat Party of Mississippi, Appendix 1. Taitz uses it as evidence of the alleged criminal conspiracy that makes up her RICO cause of action in the Mississippi case, although the artist who made the painting is not listed as a defendant in the action, nor does she know who if anyone commissioned the painting (although according to her it had to be George Soros), nor who allegedly sent copies to her children.

Another issue in the Taitz lawsuit deals with the fact that she filed her election complaint after the filing deadline. She attempts to recover from this by telling a story of some Mississippi paralegal calling the Hind County Court (where the suit was initially filed) to find out deadlines for filing court papers. That was the wrong question. The time for filing an election challenge is determined by statute, and Orly missed it.

Taitz then misrepresents a case, claiming that civil employees can be sued for RICO for doing their jobs. The case says the opposite. There is some analysis of this on The Fogbow, and I won’t copy or try to replicate their effort. You can read it over there (page around until you hit the right stuff).

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20 Responses to Orly’s patty cakes arrive in court

  1. Norbrook says:

    I personally thought Penguin had the single best comment on it.

    I’m still laughing.

  2. US Citizen says:

    You know there’s an evil liberal government conspiracy when someone paints you with a pancake on your head.
    It literally has all the earmarks.
    On Sundays there’s even rootin’-tootin’-fresh-and-fruity conspiracies.
    Bacon or sausage is optional then, but it’s all just as evil.

  3. bgansel9 says:

    The pancake artist has done this with many different subjects. She should feel proud that she’s prominent enough to have been chosen for his brush.

  4. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    She’s a rank amateur!
    She WISHES she could pull the look off half as good as this bunny! http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/007/445/pancake_bunny.jpg

  5. jtmunkus says:


    It is an amazing thing that the Oily could actually believe that adding Lacey’s paintings as “evidence” would help anything. Especially when she was instructed by the judge to keep her brief just that – under 5 pages.

    All the mockery that she focuses on in her Mississippi case only helps the defense. She paints a picture of a wacky, racist political zealot who is so reviled that an entire organization exists just to mock her. A vindictive narcissist who does not feel the law applies to her the same as it does to everybody else. A vexatious litigator who knows no boundaries. A crazy woman.

    I really hope that Judge Wingate grants the relief that Mr. Tepper and Mr. Begley ask for. Taitz needs to be put out of business.

  6. Lupin says:

    She might have misunderstood the meaning of “briefs”.

  7. The Magic M says:

    jtmunkus: It is an amazing thing that the Oily could actually believe that adding Lacey’s paintings as “evidence” would help anything.

    It’s almost as if she has a bet running that she WILL get sanctioned eventually.
    Reminds me of the people who try to make the Scots Guards at Buckingham Palace crack a smile using all kinds of antics.

    In Germany, she would already have been releaved of her position by the court and subjected to psychological evaluation (which does not require, nor necessarily leads to, disbarment).

  8. It doesn’t?

    jtmunkus: She paints a picture of a wacky, racist political zealot who is so reviled that an entire organization exists just to mock her.

  9. donna says:

    TX – Taitz v Sebelius
    November 25, 2012

    The Court dismisses the lawsuit quickly and decisively… Poor Orly will surely blame the Judge…

    Upshot: “As other courts have held in similar suits brought by Plaintiff, “this Court is not willing to go tilting at windmills with [Taitz].” Sibley v. Obama, –F.Supp.2d–, 2012 WL 2016809 at *1 (D. D.C. June 6, 2012.) (quoting Taitz v. Obama, 707 F.Supp.2d 1, 3 (D. D.C. 2010)).”


    2 The complaint also appears to bring causes of action (1) challenging President Obama’s eligibility to serve as president and sign legislation and (2) contending an unlawful conspiracy in violation of Rico .. Because Taitz has failed to identify any particularized harm which she has experienced, or will imminently experience, these claims are also dismissed.



  10. Whatever4 says:

    Dr. Conspiracy:
    It doesn’t?

    jtmunkus: She paints a picture of a wacky, racist political zealot who is so reviled that an entire organization exists just to mock her.

    Nah, we mock other birthers and assorted nutjobs too. Also.

  11. The Magic M: Reminds me of the people who try to make the Scots Guards at Buckingham Palace crack a smile using all kinds of antics.

    Bigus Dickus

  12. The Magic M says:

    misha marinsky: Bigus Dickus

    German dub: “Schwanzus longus”

    I love Latin.

  13. Thrifty says:

    Oh, ha ha. I loved this part:

    RICO participants, who were not listed as named defendants

    #1 George Soros, billionaire financier financed RICO organizations

    #2″Fogbow”, “Obama for America“, May 2010 Fogbow convention. According to

    #3Painter Jim lacey George Soros financed creation of obscene material, series of pornographic paintings of Taitz (sections 1461 to 1465 relating to obscene material)created in order to intimidate her as a whistle blower section 1512 (relating to tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant), section 1513 (relating to retaliating against a witness, victim, or an informant).

    #4Attorney Scott Tepper, co-founder of Fogbow, engaged in intimidation of Taitz, submitted to court various forgeries, claiming those to be valid birth certificates; #5 A number of employees of different courts who tampered with pleadings by Taitz in order to cover up Obama’s forged IDs.

    Then later:

    #10 Computer hackers, who destroyed Taitz web sites, hacked e-mail accounts,
    #11 John Does, who tampered with her and her husband’s cars,

  14. Feinne says:

    She didn’t even get Dan Lacey’s name right.

    I’m sure the poster at somethingawful who asked Lacey to paint Orly giving birth to a stack of pancakes would be flattered to see that Orly thinks he is secretly George Soros though.

  15. It looks like it was filed with pancakes and all. Orly is probably winging off to Indiana to face the music this afternoon.

  16. Thomas Brown says:

    misha marinsky: Bigus Dickus

    I hates ta disappoint ya, ma’am, but you got ahold of my arm.

  17. Keith says:

    Oh, ha ha.I loved this part:

    Then later:

    I take it she left out Google and the “Google Maps” and “Google Earth “software that published aerial photos of her house on the internet?

  18. Rickey says:

    Laurie Roth has asked Judge Wingate for permission to withdraw as a plaintiff. She says “I am struggling to build back my national radio talk show, financial stability and health from my near fatal motorcycle wreck.”


    She neglects to mention that the motorcycle accident occurred in 2005.


  19. bovril says:

    She also made the excerably stupid comment that the judge should go and Google her so that said judge will know she had an accident.

    Problem is, if the judge should do such an unlikely thing, you get her bio from 2009 or later where she says how she loves running and hiking, hows she is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and she loves riding her horse and MOTORCYCLE.


    Birthers really are terminally stupid…………

  20. Rickey says:

    Now Leah Lax wants out of the Mississippi case AND she is asking for sanctions against Orly. This gets more entertaining every day.


    Leah appears to becoming unhinged, and with good reason. She obviously considered Orly to be her attorney in the Mississippi and she is saying that she never gave permission for Orly to file anything showing that Lax was pro se.

    It has become apparent that Orly sold Lax, Roth and McLarene a bill of goods. They seemingly had no idea that they might actually be required to appear in Mississippi or that they could be liable for attorney fees and costs.

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