Going after Orly

Two significant events in Orlyworld occurred in the last few days following her shut-out loss in Indiana. The first was a loss in Orange County California Superior Court on November 1 in which she attempted to bully Occidental College into providing copies of the college records of President Obama. She lost that battle and it cost her $4,000 in sanctions to compensate Occidental College for legal fees. I wrote about this story based on the legal filings in the case. Now you can hear the story from the perspective of Occidental attorney Jay Ritt in a fascinating interview in the first hour of Reality Check Radio, which you may listen to through the player at the end of this article or at Blog Talk Radio. Mr. Ritt emphasized that while Barack Obama is the college’s most famous student, they would have mounted the same vigorous defense of the privacy of any freshman on campus today.

Taitz essentially told the court that none of the court rules and statutory legal procedures apply to her pursuit of Barack Obama, because he is a terrorist.

The second major event was a telephonic conference between Taitz and lawyers for the The Hawaii  defendants, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, the Mississippi Democratic Party Executive Committee and Obama for America. There is an account of that conference compiled from attorneys’ notes at the Oh, For Goodness Sake blog that makes for very entertaining reading. The recap shows Taitz being caught time after time not being honest with the court. Attorney Scott Tepper who participated in that conference call representing President Obama, OFA, Nancy Pelosi and the Mississippi Democratic Party, was the guest for the second half of the Reality Check Radio program. A hearing for all parties in the Mississippi case to argue the Motion to Dismiss and the Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings will be heard November 16 at 1 PM. This may be the place to be for folks interested in Orly Taitz.

Listening to tonight’s RC Radio discussion, and having watched Orly Taitz in person, I come away with two distinct impressions of Taitz and it is regrettable that no court recording was done in either case this past week to help me sort them out.


First, it is not clear whether Orly has ever even served a defendant properly except perhaps in the case of Barnett v. Obama where Judge David O. Carter told Taitz to sit down with the US Attorney that was in Court and to get it done. An attorney who can’t even serve a complaint could be described as clueless. They say that in Court, she doesn’t even sit at the right counsel table. It seems that she is lost in Orlyworld’s paranoid waking dream, where she is the hero hacking and slashing the orcs and goblins (opposing attorneys and judges) on a quest to slay the demon king (Obama). There is a total disconnect with how the law actually works and no concept of how inherently nonsensical her conspiracy theories are.

“Legal Terrorist?”

That’s the phrase Scott Tepper used. In the accounts of Orly’s recent conduct, there were signs that Orly is not clueless, but rather intentional in her attempts to verbally bully and threaten judges and opposing counsel into letting her get her way. It succeeded in getting her a trial in Indiana, and getting unqualified witnesses to testify, although the trial was ultimately stricken. It didn’t work in Orange County or in Mississippi this past week.

Clearly attorneys have had enough of Taitz and are going to get serious about trying to shut that whole thing down. Tepper hinted at a “six-figure” sanctions motion in Mississippi and a move by unspecified parties to have Taitz declared a vexatious litigant in California soon.

We all have our visions, Orly of Obama driven from office in disgrace and her ultimate adulation as a national hero. My vision is Orly disbarred from the practice of law, barred from bring suits in California as a vexatious litigant, and subjected to crippling sanctions. Which vision is based in reality? Stay tuned.

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16 Responses to Going after Orly

  1. I’ll repeat: The Sharper Image sued Consumer Reports, about CR’s rating of SI’s air cleaner. SI lost. CR then sued for defense costs, and was awarded $500K.

    That’s why SI doesn’t exist anymore. They had to liquidate, to pay the award in one lump sum.

    That’s what’s in store for Orly. Bye, bye.

    Just wait until the election results are in. Fireworks. I hope TV cameras are around to record Orly’s going off the deep end.

  2. The Magic M says:

    Conference account: Court is ready to rule: “On November 16 at 1 o’clock the court will hear argument on MJOP, MTD for lack of jurisdiction and MTD for failure to state a claim. Only those motions will be heard at that time. After that we will discuss status of the motion for sanctions and, if necessary, pick a time for that along with a provision for possible discovery.”

    $5 say Orly is going to sell that as “the judge promised me discovery” on her blog…

  3. JPotter says:

    My vision is of Orly, and the similarly parasitic, repaying their thefts from society via manual labor. That’s right, a debtor’s prison chain gang.

  4. GreatGrey says:

    Actually, Tepper called Taitz a Judicial Terrorist, just a minor point.

  5. US Citizen says:

    Can she frog-march in high heels?

  6. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    This is gonna be great. I can’t wait to see her career destroyed.
    I get the feeling she’ll lose her law license after this.

  7. donna says:

    Andrew Vrba, PmG : “I get the feeling she’ll lose her law license after this.”

    from your mouth to god’s ears – i understand they have more serious “criminals” to investigate but this has gone on too long

  8. JPotter says:

    GreatGrey: Tepper called Taitz a Judicial Terrorist

    Wouldn’t “legal terrorist” be more accurate? She doesn’t just plague herself upon judges, she spreads it around.

  9. Bob says:

    There is the value of the sanctions ($4,000)

    and then there is the value of Orly’s time ($0.00)

    and there is the value of watching her lose over and over and over again (priceless).

  10. The Magic M says:

    Andrew Vrba, PmG: I get the feeling she’ll lose her law license after this.

    Yes, any day now. Sounds familiar. 😉

  11. Saint James says:

    Andrew Vrba, PmG: This is gonna be great. I can’t wait to see her career destroyed.I get the feeling she’ll lose her law license after this.

    I also get the feeling that Orly will lose her cracker jack box law license, but she has no career to destroy. She may as well throw in the towel as it’s been long overdue. How can I call her a lawyer if she only won one case in a traffic court? That’s for the cop who cited her who did not appear in court.

  12. US Citizen: Can she frog-march in high heels?


  13. Yoda says:

    Too many Courts and too many attorneys have been way to patient with her, almost treating her as if she was a pro se party, as opposed to an attorney.

    Judges historically give pro se parties a lot of leeway. I have always opposed this, saying that if a person wants to go into Court alone then that person should be held to the same standards as an attorney. Here, she should not even get the benefit of that. She allegedly graduated from law school and passed a bar exam. In my not so humble opinion the fact that Courts have consistently allowed her to violate procedural rules has emboldened her AND has inflamed her rhetoric.

    As I have said before, she is very Machiavellian, and we see this again. The end justifies the mean. Subject Matter Jurisdiction? Who cares? This is a question of national security. Personal jurisdiction? Who cares, there is scary black man in the White House? Standing? Who cares? Don’t you know I am Orly Taitz? Service of Complaint? They should waive service and help me get the usurper out of office.

    Those of us who have spent time in the legal profession treated her as annoying and as a joke, something to be mocked and laughed at. We hoped that she would be hit with sanctions, but we did not push for them hard. She needs to be shut down and reminded that laws and rules apply to all of us who have the honor and privilege of walking into a courtroom and represent a client.

  14. bgansel9 says:

    She allegedly graduated from law school and passed a bar exam.In my not so humble opinion the fact that Courts have consistently allowed her to violate procedural rules has emboldened her AND has inflamed her rhetoric.

    I so totally agree.

  15. J.D. Reed says:

    Me, too. Not wanting to get “political,” as I’m surmising was the California bar’s motive for ignoring Orly, only allowed her legal malpractice to mushroom. Just think if a medical disciplinary committee had been similarly lax with one of its professionals, and that individual had gone on to wreak medical mayhem to the same degree, what the public outrage would be!

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