The Birth Certificate Hula

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8 Responses to The Birth Certificate Hula

  1. Origuy says:

    Off topic, but I just had to share:

    The Birth Certificate Hula

  2. Delightful, thanks.

    Origuy: Off topic, but I just had to share:

  3. donna says:

    that was GREAT

    grazie mille

  4. Thinker says:

    If this guy was really born in Kapi’olani within a couple of days of Obama, he will be getting unwanted calls and emails from birfer lunatics very soon.

  5. donna says:


    yeah the ditz taitz will serve him with a bogus subpoena ordering him to testify as to what he remembers and then will threaten to sue him for ignoring her subpoena

  6. Woodrowfan says:

    LOVE IT! Thanks!

  7. DG says:

    That was hilarious! Thanks for sharing it.

  8. Lani says:

    Great fun! Thanks for the laughs!

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