Sibley moves quickly to hold Obama in contempt

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Montgomery Blair Sibley describes his recent run for president as “Quixotic;” I can only describe his recent spate of Obama eligibility lawsuits in the District of Columbia as “Orlyesque.” There are three of them:

It is in the Alexander case where Sibley has subpoenaed the original Obama Certificate of Live Birth shown to the press in 2011, and where he claims Obama has refused to respond. The attempts to serve this subpoena, by a professional process server and then by mail, are detailed in the Sibley motion for contempt. The professional process server failed to serve the President. Sibley was told to mail the subpoena addressed in a particular way, which he did, and it was received by the White House on November 27. Sibley filed his motion for contempt on November 29, the date that the Certificate was commanded to be produced. One cannot help comparing this 2-day demand with the 1-day subpoena demand Orly Taitz made of Occidental College.

I could see an Obama argument that he was given insufficient time to respond to the subpoena or to raise an objection to it. DC Rule 45 does not specify the time allowed to respond to a subpoena, but I get from that rule that 14 days is a normal minimum.

From a legal process point of view, we see a great deal more “professionalism” from Sibley, with grammatically correct filings, accurate citations of law and the use of a professional process server. Sibley, however, is as conspiracy crazy as Orly Taitz in describing the birther clown car occupants as “document experts” and decoding what people said into something they didn’t say. In what alternate reality is Mike Zullo an authority on anything besides used cars?

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8 Responses to Sibley moves quickly to hold Obama in contempt

  1. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    I have a feeling the judge is going to ask him this exact same question.
    “And you think you have standing, because…?”

  2. At this point, the defendant DC electors have not even filed a response to the complaint.

    Andrew Vrba, PmG:
    I have a feeling the judge is going to ask him this exact same question.
    “And you think you have standing, because…?”

  3. The Magic M says:

    > with grammatically correct filings

    Though he does have a tendency to over-capitalize words.

  4. JPotter says:

    I believe that in calling it “Quixotic”, Sibley is being disingenuous about his disingenuous “candidacy”. It was an ulterior motive, a means to an end. His 2012 ‘campaign’ deserves an Honorable Postition of Honor in the Authentic Hall of Genuine Fame.

  5. US Citizen says:

    Correct me if I got it wrong, but isn’t Sibley disbarred?

  6. He got a 3-year suspension in Florida for, among other things, not paying child support. The DC court issued a reciprocal suspension. It looks to me that the suspension ended in May of 2011. I also saw an order that Sibley may not represent himself in Florida, because he was a vexatious litigant (my words), multiplying litigation in the child support case and suing a number of judges. In 2010 Sibley was disbarred from practicing before the US Supreme Court.

    US Citizen: Correct me if I got it wrong, but isn’t Sibley disbarred?

  7. US Citizen says:

    Thanks Doc.
    Even if he was reinstated, that record probably travels with him.

  8. JPotter says:

    Dr. Conspiracy: not paying child support.

    Yet another pattern appears!

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