Old news: Futurama spoofed the birthers

imageSo, in case you didn’t see it, the Futurama cartoon series did a spoof of the birther movement last year in an episode titled “Decision 3012.”

In the 3012 election for President of Earth, Kenyan-born Senator Travers is challenged to produce his Earth Certificate, which he can’t do because although he was born at Our Lady of Patriotism Hospital in Kenya, it was in the future, and so his Earth Certificate doesn’t exist in the present. However, he was born during the election and his birth was shown on live TV, erasing any possible doubt as to where he was born from the public mind.

Netflix customers can stream it (Volume 7, Episode 3) and perhaps other services have it as well. The Wikipedia has a more extensive plot summary of the episode.

Thanks to a commenter who sent me the hint.

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5 Responses to Old news: Futurama spoofed the birthers

  1. Paul says:

    His “Earth” certificate!@!@# Oh god that’s effing brilliant

  2. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    I saw the episode on Netflix a few nights back. It was pretty damned funny.
    Pretty much all the ones with Richard Nixon’s head are a laugh riot.

  3. The Magic M says:

    > Thanks to a commenter who sent me the hint.

    I think this episode was mentioned in the comments by several people months ago. Back then, it reminded be I hadn’t seen the 7th season yet.

  4. JPotter says:

    I remember this episode being discussed when it was about to air. Netflix is constantly reminding me that it’s sure I would love Futurama (I don’t), but thanks for the tip that this episode has joined the cloud. How can I resist.

  5. I enjoyed this episode of Furturama. Very funny.

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