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Anti-Obama books abound at CPAC

Business Insider reports:

A quick spin around the CPAC book store reveals a range of narratives about the President, indicating that the market for Obama conspiracy theories is still thriving, even in his second term.


Photo of Obama's eyes

Orly was there too, cornering such notables as Reagan’s Attorney General Edwin Meese (who was not indicted in the Iraq – Jordan Pipeline scandal), former Senator Jim DeMint, and Republican Congressmen to whom she showed her exhibits that document that President Obama has a social-security number from the series assigned to Connecticut (Connecticut apparently not in the United States of Birthistan).

Orly Taitz shows papers to Edwin Meese


Corrected v. Amended? Taitz errs again

Ex parte hoc ergo propter hoc

That makes about as much sense as what Orly Taitz has done. Readers may recall my article of February 22 titled “Taitz makes amends” reporting that Taitz had filed an amended complaint in the case of Grinols v. Electoral College. In response to that article the same day Thinker observed:

She filed two parts to this amended complaint, but they were identical except for the last sentence. What she calls Part II ends with this sentence, which is not included in Part I, “On the other hand Defendant Obama was seeking to usurp the position of the U.S. President by virtue of fraud and forgery. By representing both Candidate Obama and the Ele”

Yep. It ends mid-word.

What’s really funny though is that despite the fact that she has apparently filed only half of her complaint, the federal defendants filed a motion to dismiss the amended complaint and didn’t even mention that part of the complaint appears to be missing. LOL!

As I have pointed out often, Orly Taitz likes to copy what her opponents do (like removing a case to federal court) and in Grinols, the US Attorney filed an Ex Parte motion, so Taitz has filed one too on March 13, “Ex Parte Application to Correct the Filing and File Corrected First Amended Complaint” [ECF 94, link to Taitz web site PDF]. You see, it appears that Taitz has finally realized that her amended complaint was messed up and she wants to file it again, after the Government has already responded to it. That is, she wants to file a 2nd amended complaint. I can foresee a motion from the Defense opposing this.

In the mean time, Taitz is serving documents on various members of Congress, not through their attorney, a serious ethical violation.

One notes that Taitz continues to “serve” the President through the US Attorney that Taitz contends cannot represent him.



How to serve the President with a lawsuit in his personal capacity in California federal court

I hope that my fellow Obots will not cast me out for lifting the veil of secrecy on the closely-guarded incantation of how to serve the President in his personal capacity. There has been an attempt to keep these dangerous weapons out of the hands of birthers like Orly Taitz and so, up until now, this information has only been available to the initiated in a classified federal court document, cryptically named “The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure,” which is only available on a limited-access computer network called “The Internet.” It is not discussed publicly, but only whispered in the halls of certain elite institutions called “law schools.”

I am not a lawyer myself, but the information which I am about to disclose comes from one, who graduated from the University of the Pacific’s McGeorge School of Law and was in private practice as an attorney in California for 13 years. The following material pays special attention to the rules in force for federal district courts in California, where Orly Taitz is struggling mightily to achieve service on the President, but so far without success.

I am linking to the document, where the secret of serving the President of the United States in his personal capacity is detailed on Page 2, Line 14 through Page 3, Line 7. May God have mercy on my soul.


SSA: Astrue flees Taitz onslaught

After a relentless onslaught of lawsuits1 against him by Orly Taitz, the longest-serving Republican commissioner of Social Security, Michael Astrue, called it quits and is retreating to his home in Massachusetts.

Giving voice to the immense pressures of the job as he was dogged by Orly Taitz, Astrue said:

I consider it a great privilege to have led this remarkable agency for six years.

Awards received by Astrue include:

  • Humanitarian of the Year Award from the Alzheimer’s Association
  • Public Health Leadership Award from the National Organization of Rare Disorders
  • VIDA Award from the National Alliance for Hispanic Health
  • The Traitor and Usurper Enabler Award from the Confederate Birthers of America2

1Including, but not limited to Taitz v. Astrue, Taitz v. Sebelius, Taitz v. Democrat Party of Mississippi and Judd v. Obama.

2Not really.


ORYR spins interview with Justice Sanders

Reality Check Radio had a great show last night (I briefly called in), featuring former Washington State Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders.

Sanders is representing birther plaintiff Linda Jordan before the Washington State Supreme Court in the matter of fees assessed Jordan as a result of her filing a frivolous appeal in the Jordan v. Reed lawsuit trying to prevent Barack Obama from being on the ballot in Washington State.

You can listen to the entire show below, or read the transcript:

Listen to internet radio with RCRadio on Blog Talk Radio

What Sanders emphasized was that he came late to the case and that his sole concern was the amount of the costs assessed against Jordan, whether they should be a market rate or the actual cost (which was about 1/3 of what the Court used). Sanders himself didn’t seem to be a birther and said essentially (and you can listen to his exact words) that anyone who wanted to prove Obama was foreign born “had a long way to go.” It seemed at first that Sanders thought he was on a birther program and was being reserved in what he said so as not to stir up an argument.

The birther spin machine at Obama Release Your Records accuses the Obots of putting words in Sanders’ mouth. I think RC did try to press Sanders on some points, but Sanders is an experienced attorney and judge, and can speak for himself. He had ample opportunity to say what he wanted to say. ORYR features a 13-minute excerpt, but also links to the full interview.

I am embarrassed in second-guessing myself when I said that Jordan had been involved with birther litigation since 2009 when she testified for Orly Taitz in Atlanta in the case of Farrar v. Obama. The reason for my hesitation was that while I was listening, I went back to this web site and searched for Jordan, finding nothing before 2011. So I was half right. Jordan did testify in Farrar but that case was in 2011-2012 with the hearing on January of 2012, and when Jordan should have known that the things she alleged in her own lawsuit would not be effective in court. To add to the confusion, Susan Daniels also testified at that hearing.

At the Farrar hearing Jordan testified that she used E-Verify to check Obama’s number on August 17, 2011 [Transcript P. 20, Lines 20-24], however, her Affidavit [Page 55] shows that the used she SSA Self Check system.


Taking legal advice from the Secret Service

There seems to be a fundamental disagreement in philosophy between birther attorney Orly Taitz and federal judge Morris C. England, Jr. regarding how to serve the President of the United States with a complaint in a lawsuit. Judge England seems to be stubbornly insisting that Taitz follow the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and lacks the flexibility to consider alternative legal authority, such as a remark by a Secret Service agent.

Taitz previously moved for an expedited default judgment against Obama because he failed to respond within the required time to the original complaint (ignoring the fact that she had nullified that complaint by filing an amended complaint). Judge England denied that motion because the Court Record shows no proper service of the President, nor service of anyone with the amended complaint.

Taitz, true to form, won’t take no for an answer, and asks for reconsideration [link to PDF at Taitz web site], arguing that her service of the President in his personal capacity was proper because the Secret Service said so. Taitz’ process server recounts [link to PDF at Taitz web site] that when he showed up at the White House:

I was told by the Secret Service detail at the entrance that Mr. Obama refuses to accept service of process at his residence and I need to serve him through the Department of Justice/U.S. Attorneys’ Office.

I doubt that the Secret Service detail knew in what capacity the process server was attempting to serve the President. Most suits against Obama are in his official capacity, and the advice from the Secret Service would be correct in that case.

A real lawyer wouldn’t be so stupid as to rely on what some Secret Service agent said for legal advice. A real lawyer would read the law.

Read the original order denying default judgment:

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