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The Doc goes political (again)

I try to maintain a neutral political stance on this web site. I have only endorsed two political candidates that I recall in over 4 years, Paul Penzone who was running against Joe Arpaio for Maricopa County Sheriff, and Herman Cain who was a proxy for Stephen Colbert in the Republican Presidential Primary in South Carolina. I’m going to do it again.

Photo of Mark SandfordIn a special election to fill the vacant US House seat from the 1st District of South Carolina, former Governor Mark Sanford (left) lead in the Republican Primary vote yesterday, although not with a clear majority in the field of 16, and will face a runoff. Gov. Sanford embarrassed the state when he told everyone that he was hiking the Appalachian trail, but in reality he was shacked up with his mistress in Argentina, a trip paid for by South Carolina taxpayers. Sanford was also noted for his obstruction of federal stimulus funds headed for the state then facing a 9.5% unemployment rate. Sanford was backed by contributions from conservative billionaire David Koch.

Elizabeth Colbert Busch photoOpposing Sanford is Democrat and job creator Elizabeth Colbert Busch, who handily won the Democratic Primary with 96% of the vote. Busch is the sister of comedian Herman Cain Stephen Colbert (sorry, I keep getting those two confused) who himself was raised in the 1st District. According to a recent statement from Congressman John Lewis of South Carolina, she is his sister too:

Elizabeth Colbert Busch is my friend and my sister. I am endorsing her in the Special Election for South Carolina’s First District.

I am officially announcing my support for Busch too, even though she is not my sister.



Congress rejects Grinols subpoenas

I’m rather proud that I learned how to spell “subpoena” and can do it repeatedly, without error and without consulting a dictionary. If I ever needed to have a subpoena issued, I would probably consult a lawyer, and if I did consult a lawyer, one lawyer in particular stands at the very top of the list of ones that I would not consult: Orly Taitz.

Except for “friendlies,” I am not aware that Orly Taitz ever actually got anything in response to a subpoena except the occasional rejection letter, such as the one she got  from the Maricopa County Attorney on behalf of Sheriff Joe Arpaio once.

I am one of the adherents of the “shiny object” theory of Orly Law, believing that Orly Taitz uses legal methods that sound impressive, that use Latin phrases, that other lawyers use and that have some tangentially similar shape to real legal methods. Certainly one of the more frequent methods employed by Taitz is the subpoena, most recently directed at members of Congress in the Grinols v. Electoral College case where the docket is becoming clogged with them. Taitz is suing the 535 members of Congress (among others) and seems to think that the US Attorney who has responded on behalf of federal defendants in the case should have individually notified each member of the suit. Taitz is demanding that a list of members she contacted answer a questionnaire about the representation.

The Office of the General Counsel of the US House of Representatives on behalf of 22 members of Congress has sent a letter to Taitz explaining to her 5 reasons why her subpoena is worthless, and why the members of Congress will not be responding.

Read the letter:

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Palin flirts with birtherism at CPAC?

More background checks? Dandy idea, Mr. President. Shoulda’ started with yours.

Our colleagues at ORYR ( think so, describing the previous quote as “Sarah Palin Goes Birther on Obama.”

I wouldn’t quite lay the birther mantle on her yet because of the context, which deals with associations, not place of birth. The longer version, which was related to the 2nd Amendment/gun control is:

[00:56] Background checks? I guess, to learn a little more about a person’s thinking and associations and intentions. More background checks? Dandy idea, Mr. President. Shoulda’ started with yours.


Liberals cover Orly Taitz; Conservatives not so much

Here’s the latest story title on Orly’s blog:

Dan Amira, reporter for the far left NewYork magazine posted an interview with me and provided a link to my site for people to see for themselves Obama’s forged IDs and stolen SSN, however who claim to be exposing Obama did not publish either the docs or the link. Demand they post Obama’s failed E-Verify or post a link to my site. Demand that Ari Rabin-Huff from Media Matters does not become complicit in the cover up of forgery and SSA fraud, demand he posts the interview and documents as well.

Orly Taitz has been the albatross around the neck of Conservatives who are attempting to recover from the pummeling they received in the last election. South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham identified the problem when he said “We’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term.” Taitz’s rejection by Breitbart News, et al. at a recent CPAC session, is an example of a shift in Conservative strategy to try to become respectable. Fox News hasn’t had a Taitz article I can find since 2011.

On the other hand, the liberal and progressive press is all to happy to rub Orly Taitz in the faces of conservatives and to keep her in the news. The example Taitz cites from New York Magazine is one; Huffington Post has extensive Orly Taitz coverage; and we’ve seen articles at



Instead of the cross, the Albatross
About my neck was hung.

Coleridge’s “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” came into my mind when I read the story about Orly Taitz trying to push her birther agenda into a meeting at the Conservative Political Action Conference.


What at one time appeared an expedient, has turned into a curse. American conservatives have a difficult coalition to keep together because the fringe on one side, such as birther Orly Taitz and her supporters repel more moderate elements. The fringe will simply not sit quiet while the grownups do their business.

Here we see the crowd “shushing” Taitz as she repeatedly attempts to turn the topic of conversation to her issues:

I am so glad that Orly is not my problem.


“Mark of the Beast” Obamachip starts next week

According to The Last Days News, a new implanted microchip will be mandated by ObamaCare (aka the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) starting a week from today, March 23.

TLDS cites the Affordable Care Act as describing an “implantable radio frequency transponder for patient identification and health information.1” Sounds like a really useful thing to have if you’re lying unconscious in an emergency room.

The Children’s Health Insurance Program has been around over a decade, but TLDS thinks the acronym is particularly ominous now, saying:

With a name like CHIP it would seem consistent to have the chip implanted into a child.

I have a buddy named Chip. I wonder if he’s implanted?

There are certain important documents that everybody talks about but nobody really reads, and I suppose that the Affordable Care Act (HR 3590) is one of them. Here’s a copy, if you’re interested. Neither “March 23” nor “implant” is in it. Snopes has an article.

1The only Google hits on this phrase were to right-wing Christian web sites. Most of the quotes in the referenced article were from a version of health care legislation that didn’t pass Congress, but even there, there was no mandatory implanting of anybody with anything.