207 – 0

That’s the score (birther court losses against wins) on the Birther Scorecard as of today. That number does not include most of the 50 lawsuits filed by Keith Judd that typically don’t amount to much, being summarily dismissed. He has been found to be a vexatious litigant and prohibited from filing in Louisiana, Mississippi , Tennessee and Texas (where Judd is presently incarcerated). We noted Judd primarily for his representation by Orly Taitz in some California eligibility cases.

Judd filed three lawsuits before in Iowa federal courts, all dismissed. In what may be a first for Judd (at least so far as I can tell), he filed a May 9, 2013, suit, in Polk County, Iowa, state court according to an article in the Des Moines Register. It says something about Obama being born in Kenya. The suit also claims that Judd has similar cases pending in all 50 states.

Who knew?

I checked his Vermont case and it had nothing to do with Obama’s eligibility. This case wasn’t counted in the 50.

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14 Responses to 207 – 0

  1. Arthur says:

    Mr. Judd is scheduled to be released from prison on June 24.

  2. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    But donchaknow?! 208 is the lucky number!

  3. SiMoab says:

    207-0 is the definition of frivolous.

  4. I might use the word obsessive.

    SiMoab: 207-0 is the definition of frivolous.

  5. Paper says:

    Now we can have a real fight!

    Frivolously obsessive vs. obsessively frivolous!

    Catch the latest immediately after any HBO replay of the Froch vs. Kessler match.


    Dr. Conspiracy:
    I might use the word obsessive.

    207-0 is the definition of frivolous.

  6. alg says:

    Dr. Conspiracy:
    “I might use the word obsessive.”

    I am reminded of the definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

  7. Joey says:

    I always like to add the 90 state and federal appeals and the 25 rejected petitions for certiorari and applications for stays, injunction and other Writs at SCOTUS to the total of birther failures; making a nice round total of 322 consecutive birther legal defeats.

  8. nbc says:

    Of course, Orly insists, that all these judges are corrupt. Judge Lamberth for following the law on Quo Warranto, Judge Clay for awarding her increased sanctions for her response to his request to explain why she does not deserve sanctions, and probably many others.

    As the Judge in Grinols v Electoral College observed

    Other than the fact that I’m now, I’m sure, Ms. Taitz, another corrupt judge that you’ve gone before, since that apparently is what you’ve always said is the case. And if following the law and the Constitution of the United States makes you corrupt, then you can have your opinion as well.

    Orly failed, again, to properly introduce ‘experts’ and ‘evidence’ and no doubt will blame the judges for her failures.

  9. nbc says:

    I am working on a posting in which I explain why her reference to Lindsay v Bowen, in which the SOS Bowen refused to put Lindsay on the presidential primary ballot because her lawyer had admitted to her being under the required age.

    The judge observed that age is a neutral requirement, so unlike Orly’s case where she argued ineligibility without any admissible or relevant evidence, and where the issue was not without dispute, the Judge in Lindsay found that it was within Bowen’s right to refuse access to the ballot, if she so chooses.
    However, the judge did not find that a SOS can be forced to do as the statute fails to provide for such. In other words, the SOS may review eligibility requirements, when they are neutral, but when the eligibility requirements are up for dispute, she cannot be forced to review them.

    Orly is facing another major fail, assuming that the 9th will allow her case to be joined with Lindsay’s. Otherwise, she may have to wait until the 9th hears and rejects her case. It is unlikely that the 9th will even address the issue, as it can rule on simple mootness or standing issues.

    The end…

  10. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    Honestly, I haven’t seen a score so once sided, since that time I tried playing Call of Duty: World at War online. I never stood a chance. Strangely enough, the world of online multiplayer reminds me of birtherism! Its full of loud, immature idiots who can’t be bothered to think before they open their mouths!

  11. nbc says:

    In fact, in at least one case, the defendants did not even show up and still one. They were trying to even the score but found that the plaintiffs would still fumble the ball…

    Such sportsmanship…

  12. Jim says:

    In fact, in at least one case, the defendants did not even show up and still one. They were trying to even the score but found that the plaintiffs would still fumble the ball…

    Such sportsmanship…

    She’s getting there… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1916_Cumberland_vs._Georgia_Tech_football_game

  13. Benji Franklin says:

    The score doesn’t matter to the Birthers. They think it only takes one victory anywhere to unseat Obama. They think the “kook” label will disappear and the right wing will attack across the board if any one eligibility case can get a single drop of blood in the water. This is the presumptive appeal to the Birther brain-dead, like our stopped-up John, of Zullo’s claimed prospective baton pass to unnamed, V.I.P.’s.

    Never mind that Trump, Keys, and Lakin have already shown us that well-known celebrities, eccentric politicians, and derelict members of the military respectively, have not gotten closer to productively raising the Birther Flag to motivate sane people, than wearing a vermin-like hairpiece, losing a Senate seat to Obama, and being drummed out of the military for insubordination.

    The Birthers combine two insanely bizarre perspectives into one which they think gives them the privilege of asserting they are right with no recognized proof beyond their assertion.

    First they think it is sensible to shrink all of the formidable political and economic barriers that determine who has the Presidency, to the panacea solution of simply declaring that Obama is ineligible. Inherent in this approach is the same disregard for the public’s collective right to choose that President, as is exhibited by the common Presidential assassin. Both operationally scream, Me!, Me!, Me! – I don’t care how millions of people voted – they’re wrong and I want to have my way!

    Second, in pursuing that goal with these astonishingly inept court cases, like the 12 year old playing solitare basketball in his own driveway, where every shot can win the NCAA national title at the buzzer, Birthers find in each case announced an IMAGINARY opportunity to dance prematurely on Obama’s political grave fixating on the image of this hated devil being just gone, by any excuse or on any premise, and lynch the details.
    Here the salient point is that the cumulative truth-indicating outcome of all prior shots/cases does not concern them, in the slightest.

    Birtherism is like a religion where Heaven is anyplace where Obama is not President, Orly Taitz is the Low Priestess, and the Holy Book is what any Birther claims that, “Everybody knows!” Add WEB sites with PayPal collection plates passed by Zullo et al, and you’ve got the means to build and support an on-line cathedral indistinguishable from an Obama- batting cage where everyone who hates him can virtually step up and take a few swings, thinking any one might somehow knock the President out of the park.

    The Birthers do succeed mightily at one thing; they make us sorry we have throughout our lives, routinely used the words “Haters” and “Crazy” too casually and carelessly to describe the common varieties of such people. We should have saved them for the Birthers.

  14. Kiwiwriter says:

    Well said, Benji Franklin.

    I see the Birthers have cracked the “Mendoza Line,” and are over 200.


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