Unfortunate advertising

This on ORYR today:


Google seems to think that ORYR is a good place to advertise to me on immigration reform. I doubt ORYR supports it. Orly certainly doesn’t with her headline last Tuesday:

Keep calling every congressman, tell him to vote “no” on any immigration bill or corrupt “ledership” (“sic”) in Congress will turn it into amnesty. We have to throw all this” leadership” out of Congress, they are all on the take of the New World Order-Bilderberg-Davos1 criminal enterprise and are seeking to rob Americans of their jobs and benefits by bringing a huge supply of cheap labor. The don’t give a care that the whole nation will be like Detroit and Flint MI

My third favorite targeted at was this one at the WND web site:

My second favorite appeared at WND too:

But my all-time favorite was from the Orly Taitz web site, an add for the Obama Campaign’s Fight the Smears web site that said: “Where was Obama born? The President was born in Hawaii. Don’t believe the lies. Learn more! www.FightTheSmears.com.”

1Does she mean “Davros?”


Yes, I know that Davos is a town Switzerland where the World Economic Summit met in 1998.

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5 Responses to Unfortunate advertising

  1. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    Ah, so it was the Daleks who put Obama in office.
    Which actually makes WAY more sense than any birther drivel.

  2. I still can’t see anything about the Davos conference without hearing you-know-who yell “You. Will. Tell. Me!”

  3. scott e says:

    adsense picks/generates the ads. however, I think they can be “steered” a little by the content around it.

  4. richCares says:

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  5. Jim says:

    Just peeked in over at Patrick’s…his ads were for Impeach Obama! hehehe

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