The Phrenology of Barack Obama

It’s a self-published book by Bensa Magos (an anagram for “bag ass omens”). View a “trailer” below.

In his newest book, The Phrenology of Barack Obama, author Bensa Magos returns to reveal the secrets behind the occulted past of President Barack Obama using the pseudo-science of phrenology.  Magos uncovers natural, unnatural, and preternatural features of “Manchurian Candidate” Obama’s cranium and brainpan, including the mysterious “head scar” which the mass media refuses to discuss.  Causes for the head scar range from CIA brain-implants to a partial lobotomy by his puppet master handlers, as well as the most shocking revelation:  that Obama once had a horn.  Magos follows a trail of evidence that leads from Obama’s brain surgery and dehorning, to government Mind Control programs like MKULTRA and MONARCH with roots in the Nazi Occult, and ultimately to the satanic endgame revealed by the Demon Horn of Moloch.”

The only place I could find to buy a copy was on eBay.

Anagrams for Bensa Magos:

Ameba Songs
Abeam Songs
Amebas Song
Sambas Gone
Baas Gnomes
Manage Sobs
Manage Boss
Manages Sob
Seaman Bogs
Seaman Gobs
Bemoan Sags
Bemoans Sag
Bemoans Gas
Base Mangos
Bases Mango
Bases Among
Bans Omegas
Nabs Omegas
Boas Manges
Basso Mange
Abs Mangoes
A Began Moss
A Beam Songs
A Beams Song
A Bean Smogs
A Bane Smogs
A Beans Smog
A Banes Smog
A Gab Mesons
A Bag Mesons
A Bangs Some
A Bags Meson
A Bags Omens
A Gabs Meson
A Gabs Omens
A Abs Gnomes
A Bass Gnome
A Mega Snobs
A Game Snobs
A Mange Sobs
A Mange Boss
A Manges Sob
A Games Snob
A Manes Bogs
A Manes Gobs
A Manse Bogs
A Manse Gobs
A Names Bogs
A Names Gobs
A Means Bogs
A Means Gobs
A Manses Gob
A Manses Bog
A Mesa Bongs
A Same Bongs
A Seam Bongs
A Seams Bong
A Mesas Bong
A Mags Bones
A Nag Emboss
A Nag Besoms
A Snag Besom
A Sang Besom
A Nags Besom
A Moans Begs
A Mason Begs
A Masons Beg
Baa Gem Sons
Baa Gems Son
Baa Gems Nos
Baa Em Songs
Baa Me Songs
Baa Ems Song
Baa En Smogs
Baa Ens Smog
Samba Ens Go
Sambas En Go
Baas Gem Son
Baas Gem Nos
Baas Gems No
Baas Gems On
Baas Em Song
Baas Me Song
Baas En Smog
Saga Mob Ens
Saga Mobs En
Saga Snob Em
Saga Snob Me
Saga Sob Men
Sagas Mob En
Amass Beg No
Amass Beg On
Amass Gob En
Amass Bog En
Began Ma Sos
Began Am Sos
Began Mas So
Began As Oms
Began Ass Om
Beam Nag Sos
Beam Snag So
Beam Sang So
Beam Nags So
Beam Sag Son
Beam Sag Nos
Beam Gas Son
Beam Gas Nos
Beam Sags No
Beam Sags On
Beam Sans Go
Beam As Song
Beams Nag So
Beams Sag No
Beams Sag On
Beams Gas No
Beams Gas On
Bean Mag Sos
Bean Mags So
Bean Sag Oms
Bean Gas Oms
Bean Sags Om
Bean Mass Go
Bean As Smog
Bane Mag Sos
Bane Mags So
Bane Sag Oms
Bane Gas Oms
Bane Sags Om
Bane Mass Go
Bane As Smog
Beans Mag So
Beans Sag Om
Beans Gas Om
Beans Mas Go
Banes Mag So
Banes Sag Om
Banes Gas Om
Banes Mas Go
Base Mag Son
Base Mag Nos
Base Mags No
Base Mags On
Base Nag Oms
Base Snag Om
Base Sang Om
Base Nags Om
Base Ma Song
Base Am Song
Base Mans Go
Base An Smog
Bases Mag No
Bases Mag On
Bases Nag Om
Bases Man Go
Gab Name Sos
Gab Amen Sos
Gab Mane Sos
Gab Mean Sos
Gab Manes So
Gab Manse So
Gab Names So
Gab Means So
Gab Mesa Son
Gab Mesa Nos
Gab Same Son
Gab Same Nos
Gab Seam Son
Gab Seam Nos
Gab Seams No
Gab Seams On
Gab Mesas No
Gab Mesas On
Gab Nae Moss
Gab Sane Oms
Gab Ma Noses
Gab Am Noses
Gab Mas Ones
Gab Mas Noes
Gab Mas Nose
Gab Mas Eons
Gab Mass One
Gab Mass Eon
Gab As Meson
Gab As Omens
Gab Ass Omen
Bag Name Sos
Bag Amen Sos
Bag Mane Sos
Bag Mean Sos
Bag Manes So
Bag Manse So
Bag Names So
Bag Means So
Bag Mesa Son
Bag Mesa Nos
Bag Same Son
Bag Same Nos
Bag Seam Son
Bag Seam Nos
Bag Seams No
Bag Seams On
Bag Mesas No
Bag Mesas On
Bag Nae Moss
Bag Sane Oms
Bag Ma Noses
Bag Am Noses
Bag Mas Ones
Bag Mas Noes
Bag Mas Nose
Bag Mas Eons
Bag Mass One
Bag Mass Eon
Bag As Meson
Bag As Omens
Bag Ass Omen
Bang Mesa So
Bang Same So
Bang Seam So
Bang Sea Oms
Bang Seas Om
Bang As Some
Bangs Sea Om
Bags Name So
Bags Amen So
Bags Mane So
Bags Mean So
Bags Mesa No
Bags Mesa On
Bags Same No
Bags Same On
Bags Seam No
Bags Seam On
Bags Nae Oms
Bags Sane Om
Bags Ma Ones
Bags Ma Noes
Bags Ma Nose
Bags Ma Eons
Bags Am Ones
Bags Am Noes
Bags Am Nose
Bags Am Eons
Bags Mas One
Bags Mas Eon
Bags An Some
Bags As Omen
Gabs Name So
Gabs Amen So
Gabs Mane So
Gabs Mean So
Gabs Mesa No
Gabs Mesa On
Gabs Same No
Gabs Same On
Gabs Seam No
Gabs Seam On
Gabs Nae Oms
Gabs Sane Om
Gabs Ma Ones
Gabs Ma Noes
Gabs Ma Nose
Gabs Ma Eons
Gabs Am Ones
Gabs Am Noes
Gabs Am Nose
Gabs Am Eons
Gabs Mas One
Gabs Mas Eon
Gabs An Some
Gabs As Omen
Ban Age Moss
Ban Mega Sos
Ban Game Sos
Ban Games So
Ban Sage Oms
Ban Ages Oms
Ban Gases Om
Ban Sages Om
Ban Seams Go
Ban Mesas Go
Ban Sea Smog
Ban Ago Mess
Ban Sago Ems
Ban Sagos Em
Ban Sagos Me
Ban Sag Some
Ban Gas Some
Ban Mas Egos
Ban Mas Goes
Ban Mass Ego
Nab Age Moss
Nab Mega Sos
Nab Game Sos
Nab Games So
Nab Sage Oms
Nab Ages Oms
Nab Gases Om
Nab Sages Om
Nab Seams Go
Nab Mesas Go
Nab Sea Smog
Nab Ago Mess
Nab Sago Ems
Nab Sagos Em
Nab Sagos Me
Nab Sag Some
Nab Gas Some
Nab Mas Egos
Nab Mas Goes
Nab Mass Ego
Bans Age Oms
Bans Mega So
Bans Game So
Bans Sage Om
Bans Ages Om
Bans Mesa Go
Bans Same Go
Bans Seam Go
Bans Ago Ems
Bans Sago Em
Bans Sago Me
Bans Ma Egos
Bans Ma Goes
Bans Am Egos
Bans Am Goes
Bans Mas Ego
Nabs Age Oms
Nabs Mega So
Nabs Game So
Nabs Sage Om
Nabs Ages Om
Nabs Mesa Go
Nabs Same Go
Nabs Seam Go
Nabs Ago Ems
Nabs Sago Em
Nabs Sago Me
Nabs Ma Egos
Nabs Ma Goes
Nabs Am Egos
Nabs Am Goes
Nabs Mas Ego
Boa Mags Ens
Boa Nag Mess
Boa Snag Ems
Boa Sang Ems
Boa Nags Ems
Boa Snags Em
Boa Snags Me
Boa Sags Men
Boa Sans Gem
Boas Mag Ens
Boas Mags En
Boas Nag Ems
Boas Snag Em
Boas Snag Me
Boas Sang Em
Boas Sang Me
Boas Nags Em
Boas Nags Me
Boas Sag Men
Boas Gas Men
Boas An Gems
Basso Mag En
Basso Nag Em
Basso Nag Me
Basso An Gem
Abs Mega Son
Abs Mega Nos
Abs Game Son
Abs Game Nos
Abs Mange So
Abs Games No
Abs Games On
Abs Manes Go
Abs Manse Go
Abs Names Go
Abs Means Go
Abs Nae Smog
Abs Mag Ones
Abs Mag Noes
Abs Mag Nose
Abs Mag Eons
Abs Mags One
Abs Mags Eon
Abs Nag Some
Abs Sago Men
Abs Sag Omen
Abs Gas Omen
Abs Man Egos
Abs Man Goes
Abs Mans Ego
Abs Mas Gone
Abs As Gnome
Bass Mega No
Bass Mega On
Bass Game No
Bass Game On
Bass Name Go
Bass Amen Go
Bass Mane Go
Bass Mean Go
Bass Mag One
Bass Mag Eon
Bass Ago Men
Bass Ma Gone
Bass Am Gone
Bass Man Ego
Age Ma Snobs
Age Am Snobs
Age Man Sobs
Age Man Boss
Age Mans Sob
Age Mas Snob
Age Sans Mob
Mega An Sobs
Mega An Boss
Mega As Snob
Game An Sobs
Game An Boss
Game As Snob
Mange As Sob
Games An Sob
Sage Ma Snob
Sage Am Snob
Sage Man Sob
Sage An Mobs
Ages Ma Snob
Ages Am Snob
Ages Man Sob
Ages An Mobs
Gases An Mob
Sages An Mob
Name Sag Sob
Name Gas Sob
Name As Bogs
Name As Gobs
Name Ass Gob
Name Ass Bog
Amen Sag Sob
Amen Gas Sob
Amen As Bogs
Amen As Gobs
Amen Ass Gob
Amen Ass Bog
Mane Sag Sob
Mane Gas Sob
Mane As Bogs
Mane As Gobs
Mane Ass Gob
Mane Ass Bog
Mean Sag Sob
Mean Gas Sob
Mean As Bogs
Mean As Gobs
Mean Ass Gob
Mean Ass Bog
Manes As Gob
Manes As Bog
Manse As Gob
Manse As Bog
Names As Gob
Names As Bog
Means As Gob
Means As Bog
Mesa Nag Sob
Mesa An Bogs
Mesa An Gobs
Mesa As Bong
Same Nag Sob
Same An Bogs
Same An Gobs
Same As Bong
Seam Nag Sob
Seam An Bogs
Seam An Gobs
Seam As Bong
Seams An Gob
Seams An Bog
Mesas An Gob
Mesas An Bog
Nae Mag Sobs
Nae Mag Boss
Nae Mags Sob
Nae Sag Mobs
Nae Gas Mobs
Nae Sags Mob
Nae Mas Bogs
Nae Mas Gobs
Nae Mass Gob
Nae Mass Bog
Sane Mag Sob
Sane Sag Mob
Sane Gas Mob
Sane Ma Bogs
Sane Ma Gobs
Sane Am Bogs
Sane Am Gobs
Sane Mas Gob
Sane Mas Bog
Sea Mag Snob
Sea Nag Mobs
Sea Snag Mob
Sea Sang Mob
Sea Nags Mob
Sea Ma Bongs
Sea Am Bongs
Sea Man Bogs
Sea Man Gobs
Sea Mans Gob
Sea Mans Bog
Sea Mas Bong
Seas Nag Mob
Seas Ma Bong
Seas Am Bong
Seas Man Gob
Seas Man Bog
Mag As Bones
Mag Ass Bone
Mango Ass Be
Among Ass Be
Mangos As Be
Mags As Bone
Nag As Besom
Sago Mans Be
Sagos Man Be
Sag Ma Bones
Sag Am Bones
Sag Moans Be
Sag Mason Be
Sag Mas Bone
Sag An Besom
Gas Ma Bones
Gas Am Bones
Gas Moans Be
Gas Mason Be
Gas Mas Bone
Gas An Besom
Sags Ma Bone
Sags Am Bone
Sags Moan Be
Moan As Begs
Moan Ass Beg
Moans As Beg
Mason As Beg
A Began Ms So
A Gab Em Sons
A Gab Me Sons
A Gab Men Sos
A Gab Ems Son
A Gab Ems Nos
A Gab Mess No
A Gab Mess On
A Gab En Moss
A Gab Ens Oms
A Bag Em Sons
A Bag Me Sons
A Bag Men Sos
A Bag Ems Son
A Bag Ems Nos
A Bag Mess No
A Bag Mess On
A Bag En Moss
A Bag Ens Oms
A Bang Em Sos
A Bang Me Sos
A Bang Ems So
A Bangs Em So
A Bangs Me So
A Bags Em Son
A Bags Em Nos
A Bags Me Son
A Bags Me Nos
A Bags Men So
A Bags Ems No
A Bags Ems On
A Bags En Oms
A Bags Ens Om
A Gabs Em Son
A Gabs Em Nos
A Gabs Me Son
A Gabs Me Nos
A Gabs Men So
A Gabs Ems No
A Gabs Ems On
A Gabs En Oms
A Gabs Ens Om
A Ban Gem Sos
A Ban Gems So
A Ban Mess Go
A Nab Gem Sos
A Nab Gems So
A Nab Mess Go
A Bans Gem So
A Bans Ems Go
A Nabs Gem So
A Nabs Ems Go
A Abs Gem Son
A Abs Gem Nos
A Abs Gems No
A Abs Gems On
A Abs Em Song
A Abs Me Song
A Abs En Smog
A Bass Gem No
A Bass Gem On
A Bass Men Go
A Mag Be Sons
A Mag Sob Ens
A Mag Sobs En
A Mag Boss En
A Mags Be Son
A Mags Be Nos
A Mags Sob En
A Nag Be Moss
A Nag Sob Ems
A Nag Sobs Em
A Nag Sobs Me
A Nag Boss Em
A Nag Boss Me
A Snag Be Oms
A Snag Sob Em
A Snag Sob Me
A Sang Be Oms
A Sang Sob Em
A Sang Sob Me
A Nags Be Oms
A Nags Sob Em
A Nags Sob Me
A Snags Be Om
A Sag Mob Ens
A Sag Mobs En
A Sag Snob Em
A Sag Snob Me
A Sag Sob Men
A Gas Mob Ens
A Gas Mobs En
A Gas Snob Em
A Gas Snob Me
A Gas Sob Men
A Sags Mob En
A Ma Be Songs
A Ma Beg Sons
A Ma Begs Son
A Ma Begs Nos
A Ma Bogs Ens
A Ma Gobs Ens
A Am Be Songs
A Am Beg Sons
A Am Begs Son
A Am Begs Nos
A Am Bogs Ens
A Am Gobs Ens
A Man Beg Sos
A Man Begs So
A Mans Beg So
A Mas Be Song
A Mas Beg Son
A Mas Beg Nos
A Mas Begs No
A Mas Begs On
A Mas Gob Ens
A Mas Bog Ens
A Mas Bogs En
A Mas Gobs En
A Mass Beg No
A Mass Beg On
A Mass Gob En
A Mass Bog En
A An Be Smogs
A An Beg Moss
A An Begs Oms
A An Gob Mess
A An Bog Mess
A An Bogs Ems
A An Gobs Ems
A An Sob Gems
A An Sobs Gem
A An Boss Gem
A Sans Beg Om
A Sans Gob Em
A Sans Gob Me
A Sans Bog Em
A Sans Bog Me
A As Bong Ems
A As Bongs Em
A As Bongs Me
A As Bogs Men
A As Gobs Men
A As Snob Gem
A Ass Bong Em
A Ass Bong Me
A Ass Gob Men
A Ass Bog Men
Saga Be Ms No
Saga Be Ms On
Gab Nae Ms So
Gab Sea Ms No
Gab Sea Ms On
Gab Ma En Sos
Gab Ma Ens So
Gab Am En Sos
Gab Am Ens So
Gab Mas En So
Gab An Em Sos
Gab An Me Sos
Gab An Ems So
Gab As Em Son
Gab As Em Nos
Gab As Me Son
Gab As Me Nos
Gab As Men So
Gab As Ems No
Gab As Ems On
Gab As En Oms
Gab As Ens Om
Gab Ass Em No
Gab Ass Em On
Gab Ass Me No
Gab Ass Me On
Gab Ass En Om
Bag Nae Ms So
Bag Sea Ms No
Bag Sea Ms On
Bag Ma En Sos
Bag Ma Ens So
Bag Am En Sos
Bag Am Ens So
Bag Mas En So
Bag An Em Sos
Bag An Me Sos
Bag An Ems So
Bag As Em Son
Bag As Em Nos
Bag As Me Son
Bag As Me Nos
Bag As Men So
Bag As Ems No
Bag As Ems On
Bag As En Oms
Bag As Ens Om
Bag Ass Em No
Bag Ass Em On
Bag Ass Me No
Bag Ass Me On
Bag Ass En Om
Bang As Em So
Bang As Me So
Bags Ma En So
Bags Am En So
Bags An Em So
Bags An Me So
Bags As Em No
Bags As Em On
Bags As Me No
Bags As Me On
Bags As En Om
Gabs Ma En So
Gabs Am En So
Gabs An Em So
Gabs An Me So
Gabs As Em No
Gabs As Em On
Gabs As Me No
Gabs As Me On
Gabs As En Om
Ban Age Ms So
Ban Sag Em So
Ban Sag Me So
Ban Gas Em So
Ban Gas Me So
Ban As Gem So
Ban As Ems Go
Ban Ass Em Go
Ban Ass Me Go
Nab Age Ms So
Nab Sag Em So
Nab Sag Me So
Nab Gas Em So
Nab Gas Me So
Nab As Gem So
Nab As Ems Go
Nab Ass Em Go
Nab Ass Me Go
Bans As Em Go
Bans As Me Go
Nabs As Em Go
Nabs As Me Go
Abs Age Ms No
Abs Age Ms On
Abs Mag En So
Abs Nag Em So
Abs Nag Me So
Abs Sag Em No
Abs Sag Em On
Abs Sag Me No
Abs Sag Me On
Abs Sag En Om
Abs Gas Em No
Abs Gas Em On
Abs Gas Me No
Abs Gas Me On
Abs Gas En Om
Abs Ma Ens Go
Abs Am Ens Go
Abs Mas En Go
Abs An Gem So
Abs An Ems Go
Abs As Gem No
Abs As Gem On
Abs As Men Go
Bass Ma En Go
Bass Am En Go
Bass An Em Go
Bass An Me Go
Mag An Be Sos
Mag As Be Son
Mag As Be Nos
Mag As Sob En
Mag Ass Be No
Mag Ass Be On
Mags An Be So
Mags As Be No
Mags As Be On
Nag Ma Be Sos
Nag Am Be Sos
Nag Mas Be So
Nag As Be Oms
Nag As Sob Em
Nag As Sob Me
Nag Ass Be Om
Snag Ma Be So
Snag Am Be So
Snag As Be Om
Sang Ma Be So
Sang Am Be So
Sang As Be Om
Nags Ma Be So
Nags Am Be So
Nags As Be Om
Sag Ma Be Son
Sag Ma Be Nos
Sag Ma Sob En
Sag Am Be Son
Sag Am Be Nos
Sag Am Sob En
Sag Man Be So
Sag Mas Be No
Sag Mas Be On
Sag An Be Oms
Sag An Sob Em
Sag An Sob Me
Sag As Mob En
Gas Ma Be Son
Gas Ma Be Nos
Gas Ma Sob En
Gas Am Be Son
Gas Am Be Nos
Gas Am Sob En
Gas Man Be So
Gas Mas Be No
Gas Mas Be On
Gas An Be Oms
Gas An Sob Em
Gas An Sob Me
Gas As Mob En
Sags Ma Be No
Sags Ma Be On
Sags Am Be No
Sags Am Be On
Sags An Be Om
Ma An Beg Sos
Ma An Begs So
Ma Sans Be Go
Ma As Be Song
Ma As Beg Son
Ma As Beg Nos
Ma As Begs No
Ma As Begs On
Ma As Gob Ens
Ma As Bog Ens
Ma As Bogs En
Ma As Gobs En
Ma Ass Beg No
Ma Ass Beg On
Ma Ass Gob En
Ma Ass Bog En
Am An Beg Sos
Am An Begs So
Am Sans Be Go
Am As Be Song
Am As Beg Son
Am As Beg Nos
Am As Begs No
Am As Begs On
Am As Gob Ens
Am As Bog Ens
Am As Bogs En
Am As Gobs En
Am Ass Beg No
Am Ass Beg On
Am Ass Gob En
Am Ass Bog En
Man As Beg So
Man Ass Be Go
Mans As Be Go
Mas An Beg So
Mas As Beg No
Mas As Beg On
Mas As Gob En
Mas As Bog En
Mass An Be Go
An As Be Smog
An As Beg Oms
An As Begs Om
An As Gob Ems
An As Bog Ems
An As Bogs Em
An As Bogs Me
An As Gobs Em
An As Gobs Me
An As Sob Gem
An Ass Beg Om
An Ass Gob Em
An Ass Gob Me
An Ass Bog Em
An Ass Bog Me
A Gab En Ms So
A Bag En Ms So
A Nag Be Ms So
A Sag Be Ms No
A Sag Be Ms On
A Gas Be Ms No
A Gas Be Ms On
A An Beg Ms So
A As Beg Ms No
A As Beg Ms On

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6 Responses to The Phrenology of Barack Obama

  1. Bob says:

    A new Birther bible is (self) published:

    The Phrenology of Barack Obama
    Obama’s Head Scar and the Shocking Link to His Brain Surgery, Mind Control, and the Demon Horn of Morloch


  2. CarlOrcas says:

    A new Birther bible is (self) published:

    The Phrenology of Barack Obama
    Obama’s Head Scar and the Shocking Link to His Brain Surgery, Mind Control, and the Demon Horn of Morloch

    ☞ LINK

    Makes sense. Especially the part about the horn. I like that one best.

    I hope they saved it so it can go in the Obama Presidential Library.

  3. CarlOrcas: I hope they saved it so it can go in the Obama Presidential Library.

    The horn is hidden at the Smithsonian. I told the author here:

  4. Woodrowfan says:

    So, after Obama leaves office (In January 2017) and the Nats create an Obama mascot for the 7th inning Presidents’ Race, will the mascot have a horn or not?

  5. Woodrowfan: will the mascot have a horn or not?

    One or two?

    One is a unicorn
    Two is the devil
    Three to make ready
    And four to go.

  6. These people never get it right.

    – Obama cannot be the anti-Christ. He’s not Jewish.
    – Obama cannot have horns. Only Jewish men have horns. The tail is optional.

    Take me, for example…

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