Devvy Kidd: Injured in crash with reality

Birther pundit Devvy Kidd  is a long time Obama eligibility denialist. She’s expressing some hope in Mike Zullo and the Cold Case Posse in an article titled “GOP: Pay Back for Ignoring Obama’s Ineligibility” this past Sunday on her News With Views web site. The thesis of her article is that if Congress hadn’t let Obama become President, then they wouldn’t be having a budget crisis today (ignoring the history of Republican government and deficits).

Kidd’s byline is “Where Reality Shatters Illusion” and she was probably injured in the crash with reality as evidenced this pile of broken illusion shards from the article:

There is zero evidence Barry Soetoro was ever in Hawaii until age 5. No one knows who he really is or even where he was born.

Obviously the statement is meant to refer to President Barack Obama, and President Obama released a birth certificate and showed it to the Press a couple of years ago. It says he was born in Hawaii. Hawaii Governor Abercrombie has even stated that he himself saw the infant Obama in Hawaii. The 1961 Hawaii Birth Index, newspaper announcements, and US State Department documents obtained by FOIA all constitute evidence that the President was born in Hawaii and was certainly there before the age of 5. That’s reality.

Speaking of “zero evidence,” Kidd repeats one of the more stupid birther rumors (actually an April Fool’s joke), that President Obama attended Occidental College under the name “Barry Soetoro.” And of course, the only reason that Congress certified the 2008 and 2012 elections of the obviously ineligible Obama is because “his skin is black.” But, let’s get to the main course:

Months ago, Congressman Steve Stockman [R-TX] received a full briefing with all the evidence from Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse lead investigator, Mike Zullo. None of us are privy to what’s going on behind the scenes, but allegedly, Stockman is working the evidence with other members of Congress. I suppose it’s too much to hope for he and any others would come out in a press conference and lay it all out including a bill to investigate Barry for his crimes. I guess time will tell, but we don’t have the luxury of time as long as the effeminate usurper squats in the White House.

That’s right, Kidd is not privy to the facts, but is happy to repeat the rumors. Kidd, to use her own words, is “a serial liar and malignant narcissist.” What a piece of work!

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10 Responses to Devvy Kidd: Injured in crash with reality

  1. Rickey says:

    For the uninitiated, Mimi at the Fogbow put together a damning indictment of Devvy Kidd back in 2009.

    Kidd is an out-and-out racist, as evidenced by her references to the President as a “mulatto.”

    As Mimi says, the photo of Kidd has to be at least two decades old. She is 64 years old.

  2. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    And here I was hoping there were no survivors in the crash.

  3. Bovril says:


    A quick Google search of images will show that whilst not exactly withering into dust, age has not been overly kind to DK.

    For Gods sake how self absorbed can you be to personally label yourself “The Dynamite Redhead”…..

  4. Rickey says:

    Her husband is a retired U.S. Army Colonel.

    She is a despicable person who hates almost everyone. She titled one of her columns “Queering of the Boy Scouts.” She believes that the 14th Amendment and16th Amendment were never ratified.

    Prepare to gag before you see the image on this page:

  5. Rickey says:


    A quick Google search of images will show that whilst not exactly withering into dust, age has not been overly kind to DK.

    This is her at the “Historic Vote Fraud Convention” (you know, the one we’ve all heard about – not!) thirteen years ago. Even then she was noticeably older looking than in the photo which she uses on her website.

  6. Benji Franklin says:

    Rickey: As Mimi says, the photo of Kidd has to be at least two decades old. She is 64 years old.

    And to those of us Ben Franklins who are generally attracted to older women, Devvy sadly, is still just a Kidd.

  7. Kiwiwriter says:

    “Effeminate usurper.” That’s an interesting comment. I mean, “usurper” I’ve heard.

    “Effeminate,” I’m not so sure. I have heard the President called “gay,” but not “effeminate.”

    Another extremely angry woman with a penknife to grind.

  8. Curious George says:

    When will this insanity ever end? Many of the Birthers are the most hate filled people in America. It’s unfortunate they can’t see how their affliction is destroying themselves.

  9. BillTheCat says:

    Devvy who? Talk about a nobody.

  10. justlw says:

    …the effeminate usurper…

    I didn’t know William Safire. William Safire was no friend of mine. Still: Devvy Kidd, you are no William Safire.

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