Arduini bites Vogt

Tenacious debunker Frank Arduini has sunk his teeth into Douglas Vogt’s Seattle Court filings and come up with a new report in his series of debunking major birther documents,  “20 Shades of Vogt: Digital Document Forensics for Amateurs.”

I started debunking Vogt’s 20 points of forgery, but tired of the effort, plus I never could properly use the word “prolix” in a sentence. Arduini had the endurance and the grammar to pull it off.

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3 Responses to Arduini bites Vogt

  1. Slartibartfast says:

    A worthy addition to Mr. Arduini’s impressive body of debunking work.

  2. Bernard Sussman says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE offer a simpler copy of the Scribd document. I cannot seem to download it from Scribd, which goes into an endless cycle of verification whenever I try to sign in. Without an easier way to copy, it will be impossible to make a readable hard copy of the entire text with illustrations.

  3. Not sure what the problem might be, but here is a direct link to the PDF:

    Bernard Sussman: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE offer a simpler copy of the Scribd document

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